Review Ben&Sera 15 days anti-wrinkle taeng taeng

Hey everyone,

So I’m almost done with the samples provided by Skin18 for review.

The 4th item is this Ben&Sera 15 days anti-wrinkle taeng taeng serum.


This is another Korean brand which I have never heard about.

By the way the item I will be reviewing is a sample size.

Don’t you think the drawing on the syringe kinda looks a bit like Kang Sora?

I even tried googling this brands but didn’t get much results. 😯

The packaging

This sample comes in a plastic syringe.


You don’t have much description on it : you have some in the back but it’s in Korean.

To get the serum, you remove the cap and push it downward.

Mind you, you really need to be careful, because the first I used it I think 1/2 of the syringe’s content came out TT__TT. It’s really hard to control what comes out.

The serum

This serum is completely see-through and has a bit of glue scent, like the Neulii samples I received in the past.


You are supposed to apply this serum after washing your face.

The benefits of this serum is that :

♢It is an anti-wrinkle
♢It provides a whitening effect
♢It’s moisturizing

I won’t be able to check about the anti-wrinkle but I can say this :

♡ this is not sticky at all
♡ this dries out quickly and leaves your skin matte
♡ when applied at night along with a night cream, I felt my skin was softer and plump in the morning!
♡ I did feel it provided enough moisture to my skin
♡ this did not break me out!
♡ easily absorbed by the skin


Here is what it looks like on my face!
I really like the effects of this serum, and how it leaves my skin after.
My picture has no filter whatsoever.


I’m really glad I got to test out this serum. The container was not the most convenient, but it really gave that serious yet playful feel to it.

I have used this at least 7 times no ans I still have some serum left, despite the first time I used it! A little really goes a long way with this serum.

You can get it here from Skin18 if you want to try it out!

Would I buy this? I would say yes! But not righy now since I still have some serum to be used.

Even if I don’t have wrinkles yet, it is still good for prevention.

If anyone has tried this and saw improvements with wrinkles,do let me know.

Now I only have one more item left from Skin18 .. so sad TT__TT

See you on the next post!

*** note : this is a sponsored product, but the review is honest and based on my personal result and preference***

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