Review YSL vernis à lèvres pop water 202

Hey everyone,

How is your July? Well here it feels like summer is already over. It’s grey and it’s always raining, but then again I’m in Belgium.
Today I would like to share my review of this YSL lip products, thanks to 0.8L Germany.


A couple of weeks ago, 0.8L Germany had a giveaway for lip products. I usually try my luck via IG, but this tried it via FB and I won! Woohoo

I really was not expecting this as I just tried it out and my name was picked!

Small note both 0.8L’s accounts are in German and I don’t speak a word of German. Thank you “translate” option ☺

After a 2 weeks of waiting my item was here!
The packaging

The lip stain comes in a golden box.

The writing on the box is in English and French, and there is a sticker explaining the product in Korean.

This is apparently provides “splashy pop colours that last with translucent water brilliance” and provides “10 hours hydration”.

Outside the box, this is what it looks like.

It’s a black/gold rectangle shape, with a see through widow in this middle. This is pretty smart as you directly see the color and how much is left! Notice how the sticker sealing the product is in Korean… definitely the mark of 0.8L there 🙂

The wand also has a special shape.

It looks like a petal which is angled. It is pretty to apply the product thanks to the shape. You can even go and paint your cupid’s bow perfectly and the sides of your lips.

The color 202

I would describe this shade as a red orange/ blood orange type of color. It has a warm tone to it but the color is still pretty neutral and should look good on anyone.


Here are swatches of the lip stain on my hand.

As you can see the color is a reddish orange and glossy. It is a bit sticky like a gloss. After a couple of minutes, I smudge it a bit to see what would happy and it actually stained my skin!

Now on my lips this is how it looks.


I actually really like the color on my lips, the glossy part really gives a nice shine to the lips and makes it a bit look more plump. the

You can use this without lip balm under, but I did feel it was a bit sticky. I have used this for a whole week and I definitely prefer wearing lip balm under. The color is still visible and I feel it makes it last longer.

This lip stain is scented, a bit like candy, but not the sweet overpowering kind so it’s all good. I did not taste anything horrible on this lips as well.

About the 10 hours hydration, hmmm I don’t agree to it. This lip stain does feel nice on the lips but I definitely still needed my lip balm.

For the lasting power, it can last at least 4 hours that’s for sure but a girl’s gotta eat and drink. By lunch time, the shine and color is gone 😦 and my lips feel naked and request at least for lip balm to be applied.

If I had to compare this product, I would say it’s like a mix of a creamy/milky lip stain like Peri Pera’s with a mix of lip oil.

The color is really nice and perfect for people who like natural shades, that gives a nice shine to the lips.


I’m definitely happy with this product, this “vernis à lèvres” really gives a nice look to the lips, but would I buy this? No,  this cost more than 30 EUR here in Belgium. I would rather spend that money in a cheaper product. Sorry I’m not made of money TT__TT


In summary, here are

The pro’s :

  • nice wand to help apply the product
  • very luxurious item
  • nice natural shade that should suit anyone
  • not sticky, if you don’t apply too much
  • glossy which makes your lips look young and plump

The con’s :

  • very expensive product (more than 30 EUR in Belgium)
  • the stain power is not as strong as Korean lipstains
  • still need lip balm to add moisture to my lips
  • not for people who don’t like glossy lips


Thank you 0.8L Germany for this opportunity, I really enjoyed this … and will keep using this until the last drop! If you live in a neighbouring country of Germany, do check out 0.8L Germany’s instagram and Facebook page.

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