Review Berrisom My lip tint pack virgin red

Hey everyone,
Here with a new review and it’s for an item which has been reviewed so many times now, but I only received recently.
It’s for Berrisom lip tint pack in virgin red.

My first peel off lip tint encounter was last year with Secret Key chubby jelly tint which I didn’t really like. I really was not impressed because it was such a messy procedure.

A couple of months ago, Rinishop had a giveaway event on their Facebook account and I was lucky enough to win this lip tint. At that point, I definitely was not ready to pay for this type of product. I saw so many good reviews about this lip tint from Berrisom, so if I could get it for free would be great!

The packaging

This lip tint comes in a red box with lots of kiss marks everywhere. I think the box comes in the same color as the purchased shade. I had the virgin red one, the name is a bit iffy, but okay.


As you can see all the writing is in Korean, but you can understand that one this is opened, it should be used within 6 months. this contains 15gr of lip tint.


The applicator has a small hole which you can directly apply on your lips. This lip tint has a jelly like texture and has a bit of red fruits scent. It’s not sweet like candy and is pretty unnoticeable. The jelly texture is also easy to spread and dries pretty nicely, you don’t feel your skin shrivel which is always good.

On my lips

For lip tints, I usually always apply lip balm before  because  the majority of lip tints are very drying. But for this one, I decided to not apply any lip tint to see how my lips would react.


I decided to apply a semi-thick layer to see how long it would take to dry.

I had to keep my mouth half open for about 5 minutes and it was done. As you can see, the lip tint looks quite red and sticky. My lips definitely did not feel like they were drying up with the product. I did feel a slight tingly feeling but nothing too bad!


This lip tint pack was so much easier to remove than the Secret Key one, see how I was able to peel it in one go? You can also see the swatch on my hand. It’s not as red as the pack but it does leave a decent nice red color on my lips. I would describe this as a cherry red. I tasted my lips after and it had a bit of a salty taste,nothing too disgusting or bitter taste, like I’ve experienced with other lip tints.

Another good point about this product is that, despite me not having scrubbed my lips or applied lipbalm, the peeling part did not hurt at all.  See!

Chubby or pack?

As I have mentioned on top, this is not my first time using this type of lip tint, so let me compare the Secret Key and this Berrisom lip tint.


The difference between the two are :

  • Berrisom : dries faster
  • Berrisom : easier to peel off
  • Berrisom : even though it has the same texture, it’s easier to apply on the lips
  • Berrisom : did not have a drying feel on my lips while applying and after removal
  • Berrisom : is scented, but the Secret Key one is more obvious
  • Secret Key is cheaper than Berrisom : 2 Secret Key lip tint = 1 Berrisom lip tint

Both lip tints have a lot of color to offer, but in the it will depend which one you liked better and here, Berrisom wins by a landslide! I now understand why so many people love it!


I’m really glad I got the opportunity to try this lip tint pack, thanks to Rinishop.

I know there are many store where you can get this, you can get it from Rinishop for less than 6USD . Or you can get the pack with all six color for less than 24 USD.

This is still a pretty messy way and time consuming way of applying lip tint. So just use it when you have time to spare. But if you do wait you’ll see :

  • this lip tint dries pretty easier and can be peeled off nicely
  • does not tug on the skin even if your lips have not been scrubbed or has lip balm
  • has a nice color finish
  • has a decent staying power
  • no bitter taste, but did tasted salty on my lips
  • have a nice range of color

The bad, is the iffy name of this shade being “Virgin Red”… what do you mean by that? Or is my mind just in the gutter.Anyway, let’s just leave it at that.

Since I’m not a fan of matte lips,  I applied my Catrice lip oil on top and found that the colour outcome looked even better. But this is just my personal taste.


Thank you again Rinishop for this!

Have you tried this type of lip tint? Do you have a fave?

See you next time!


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