My Hong Kong holiday diary day 6

Hey Hey Hey, I’m almost at the end of my holiday diary from Hong Kong.

Today will be about my last full day in Hong Kong.


On our last day,  we were pretty tired and didn’t have much money left so we decided to stay close and just wander around.

We were only 2 stop away from Mongkok so we decided to hang around.

But before anything else, we had breakfast again at one of the local eatery close to our hotel and got dumplings of course!


This place what the best to get shrimp dumplings, it was sooooo soooooooooo good! I’m salivating just looking at the pictures again… want.

Anyway after our breakfast we decided to go to Mongkok and check out Langham Place.

When we got there I was so amazed to see how big and spacious it was. This was the highest escalator I have ever been on. After taking the escalator from the ground floor, because there is also a basement where the metro is, you are already on level 10 and then there is another elevator you can take to get to level 15!!!

This is the view from the 15th floor! impressive right?

This store has so much to offer, so many stores and food to be tasted! We  found the IT store here and it sells Korean brands such as SON&PARK if you’re interested. There is even a cinema on the highest level.

See the big screen there? Well for some reason it kept showing music videos from KPOP artist, here it was IKON! Only found out afterwards that they kept showing these artists because they will be visiting the store very soon. There was unfortunately no event or artists on that day TT__TT

We were having fun going up and down the stair and being inside with the airco, but decided to go out and see what Mongkok had to offer.

Let me say that Mongkok is a very busy place! We walked along with the crowd and found ourselves in Lady’s Market!

There was so many things on sale, even more than Temple street and we bumped into a lot of Filipino tourists. At some point, there was an Indian store seller who talked to me in Tagalog saying things like “I know you, you should come buy more things here” like heck I will. I don’t know you and you definitely will not get my money like that! I definitely was not expecting that, and then I thought to myself, there is someone out there that looks like me?

Anyway we did get some souvenirs here and there, and we bought them from these nice ladies who weren’t pushy and gave us nice discounts. Because it was getting hot and I didn’t want to be bothered by the sellers anymore, we decided to go back to Langham Place to eat and buy the last things we wanted to bring back home.


We went back to Langham and went into Uniqlo, my sister and I were fooling around with the glasses and we saw that one of the salesperson decided to call the security on us… let me tell you that the security guard was an old man who was shorter than me and I’m 1.60m. He started following us around like I was some kind of thief. I wanted to buy something but because they treated us that way, I left the store. Seriously, do I look like someone who would steal? We wandered a bit more and then decided to have dinner and go back to our hotel to rest and leave all the things we had bought during the day.

Night stroll

It wasn’t that late yet and we still had some time to spare. We decided to go and look for the Hong Kong harbour at Tsim Sha Tsui.

We were walking around to get to the harbour and saw the Charlie Brown cafe!  We definitely had to go in and it was one of the best decision we had taken!

The waitress who served us was super nice. she was deaf so her speaking was a bit different but she did her best. Her colleague on the other hand was so rude, telling her things like “what are you saying, I don’t understand you” but in a very mean way. You could see her face of disgust and the nice waitress was just smiling. I felt really bad for her. I found this out thanks to my sis who studied Chinese.

If you are in Tsim Sha Tsui, you need to go to this cafe, the food was delicious and not too overpriced! And if you are an Snoopy fan, you need to visit this place!

After our little break, we decided to get back on track and find this harbour, we got a bit lost because it was night time but we finally go there somehow. The avenue of stars was closed while we were there so we didn’t get to see it, even the big clock was under repair.

Getting to the harbour was another incredible place to be.


It was so foggy and windy so it gave this eerie vibe, but it was still such a pretty scene to look at.

You could see all these skyscrapers, building lit up and the lights reflecting on the water was just wow. We just sat there and enjoyed the view. There were a lot of people there just lounging and hanging out with their friends.

There were even buskers, who were just there singing, not even asking  for money.

Some were pretty good too like this band called “Buck Driver”. I hope they’ll become big in the near future 🙂

It was getting colder, we decided to walked somewhere else and we found ourselves on the higher end part of Victoria harbour where all the haute couture store could be found. We found ourselves in this really posh mall, because I needed to take a toilet break. I forgot the name of the place but I would not have been able to buy anything from there anyway. I’m just happy you don’t need to pay to use the bathroom like here in Belgium.

It was getting late so we decided to go home, but got lost in the process. So we back tracked and followed the crowd again and found our way to Tsim Sha Tsui station again. Thank god for crowds, I found that following crowds when you’re lost is always the best solution.

Back at Yau Ma Tei

We were back to Yau Ma Tei and all that walking around made us hungry. We had already tried the majority of the food stalls close to our hotels. My sister and I were talking in French, we were surprised that two Fre,ch tourist talked to us saying “you should try this place, the taste is ok and it’s pretty cheap”. It’s always nice to talk to other people when traveling, so it felt great talking in French again even if only for 2 minutes.

We didn’t want to look for something else so we decided to try the place out.

As usual we ordered milk tea and something easy to eat, well I mean not too exotic.We went for fried chicken and dumplings, but they weren’t that good. At some point a drunk that came in and we felt uneasy so we ate quickly and left to go back to the hotel.

That was our last night in Hong Kong!

The things I learned that day was :

  • Langham place is definitely a place to visit if you like retail, and just to chill from the busy streets of Mongkok
  • There are many Filipino tourist in Lady’s Market, so don’t be surprised if they speak Tagalog
  • The Charlie Brown Cafe is a must visit because the food is really good, it’s not only dessert, they also offer hot meals like hot dogs and burger
  • Security guard in stores are really old grandpa who look very frail… and I look like a thief
  • It can get pretty cold at the harbour so take a jacket with you if you visit at night
  • If you get lost and can’t speak the language just follow the large crowd and you’ll find the nearest metro to get home


And that’s almost my holiday over! I still have a day to put into words and my Hong Kong is almost done with TT__TT


See you next time!

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