Review Innisfree glow tint stick in shade 9

Hey everyone,

How’s August treating you all? Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

Today I would like to share my experience with Innisfree glow tint stick.

Innisfree always has some really nice lip products and I’m sure this one was no exception.

When I saw the add for this one, I was wow those looks so pretty!

These lip colors are apparently inspired by the colors of the sunset!

When I saw these were on sale on Testerkorea, I just went and bought it!

The packaging

As usual this lip product comes in a fairly simple box with flower embossed on the front.

The majority of the writing is in Korean, but you can find some writing in English saying this contains camelia oil, is longlasting, provides clear color and pure glow.

I also think it’s nice to see “Innisfree” written in Korean on the sticker with the shade color.

Here is what the glow tint stick looks like. It looks like an elongated lipstick from Innisfree.

On the cap, you can find the color of what the tint should look like.

You can also find the expiration date of the product and this was sealed with a sticker.

Do note that tou need to twist the product to come out, but you cannot twist it back if too much comes out! One twist should be enough for an application.

The color

Shade 9 is like a dark pink that goes toward a dark fushia.

Here is what it looks like on my lips.

I love the color! This is a perfect shade for me as I feel that red lipstick is too much for me.. and makes my teeth look yellow…

This feels quite nice and moisturizing on the lips. It does give a nice shiny glow to the lips.

It can stay on your lips for at least 4 hours if you don’t eat or drink. If you do, it will stain your lip and leave you with dark pink lips.

At the end of the day, when it was time to remove it, I had a bit of a hard time removing the last bits. Proof that it’s longlasting!

I definitely love this product!

This Innisfree glow tint stick :

• 10 colors you can chose from

• perfect for people who prefer an alternative to lipstick as this is a colored lip balm

• provides a nice shine and moisture to the lips

• stays on quite for a while, but needs to be reapplied if you eat/drink

• good pricing

• application is easy as it glides on the lips

• the texture melts on the lips as soon as you apply it
The bad :

• can be hard to remove

• the click system can be annoying if you release too much product

• I haven’t seen this glow tint in many online stores yet

I definitely recommend this lip glow for anyone looking for a nice lip product that provides a nice shine and moisture.

Do you have an Innisfree fave lip product?

See you next time!

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