Review Banila co watering hand cream in redcurrant

Hey everyone,
Sorry for not being too active … it’s just that it’s summer and I’m enjoying the summer heat finally.

And this product is perfect for this weather, it’s Banila Co’s watering hand cream!

Today I have a special participant, it’s my sister who I converted to use hand cream thanks to this product ☺. She will be my hand model for today!

Banila co is another Korean brand loved by many thanks to their CC cream and sorbet cleanser. But I will be reviewing a product which might not be widely known. It’s one of their hand cream which I discovered a couple of years ago, which I was intrigued about the “watering effect”.

The packaging

This hand cream does not come in a box. It just had a sticker seal on the cap when I bought it. This cost me 6500 Won at the time.

There are no English explanation, but it’s a hand cream so it’s not that complicated.

I do like the vintage like design pink and illustration.

This contains 75 ml so this will at least last you 1 month, if used everyday.

The cream

So this product says it’s a watering cream. What does it exactly mean? You’ll find out soon.

This cream is a white like paste that looks like this.

So far nothing special right? It just look like a regular hand cream. But once you have it on your skin, you’ll already feel that the texture is different. It’s lighter than your regular richer and greasier hand cream.

Once you start spreading the cream on your hand, that’s where the magic start.

See the white paste becomes see through and watery. You can even see water drops appear. When you spread it more, the cream is completely absorbed and leaves your skin refreshed, moisturized and non sticky.

This is also mildly scented, with a red fruit scent. It’s really nice and not sugary sweet.


This is definitely a nice cream to use in the summertime, or whenever you want.

The good:

♡ nice light texture

♡ non sticky finish

♡ gives a nice fresh and moisturizing feel

♡ the watering effect is a definite stand out

♡ hands are soft afterwards

♡ you can almost immediately grab stuff and not have “butter fingers”

The bad :

♢ this might not be the solution for very dry skin

♢ not very common on online store, might even been have been discontinued already (?)

If you do get a chance to  get your hand on a watering cream, grab it! This is already my second one, the first being the Clio one, because I love this!

My sister doesn’t usually like putting on hand cream as she always find it greasy or you need to wait a while before touching anything. But with this hand cream, you won’t have any issues with it. Your hands are dry almost immediately dry and you can grab stuff without leaving any greasy marks. Even my mom loves this cream. She just loves the watery part!

If you know someone who doesn’t like to apply hand cream, make them try this!!!

Or if you are looking for a nice and fresh hand cream for summer, this is the one for you!

See you next time.

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