Review Jungle Botanics forest leaves cooling shampoo & warming treatment


A couple of weeks ago, Wishtrend contacted me to test a newly released product which was their Jungle Botanics forest leaves cooling shampoo and warming condition.

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Jungle Botanics is a new brand that was released a month ago. This belongs to Wishcompany, the same owner of Klairs and the online store Wishtrend.

Wishtrend generously sent me the shampoo and haor treatment to be tested. I’m expecting good things from this brand.

The packaging

Please excuse the state of the box. This was stuck with Customs for a week and I guess the package went through hell and back.

Both products comes in a white box with an embossed leaf design.

You have the explanation of the products in Korean and English!

The design is pretty simple and straight to the point.

The shampoo comes in a pump bottle : this contains 250 ml of product.

You can’t see it here, but there is actually a extra clip on the opening to not accidentally pump out any product. You can find more instructions on the bottle in Korean and English.

The hair treatment comes in a squeeze bottle with English and Korean instruction.

You see the same leaf design on both bottle, just like the box.

The products 

Let’s start with the shampoo.

The shampoo comes in a pump dispenser : the bottle is clear so you can see how much product is left.

The shampoo’s pump is quite hard to push but it eventually comes out. The texture is a jelly like substance with blue beads.

It has a nice powdery scent and then the peppermint kicks in. You can be very generous with this shampoo. I would take three pumps and work it on my scalps by section.

I massage it first on my lower scalp, middle then front part. All in all I use 9 pumps per shampoo. This doesn’t bubble much, but this is more for scalp care than your hair.
You will feel your scalp getting colder and you can leave it on for as long as needed. The coldness will only disappear once you rinse your hair.

I also forgot to mention that you can find the production date on the bottom of the bottle. You know exactly how fresh your product is!

Once you’re done massaging your scalp, it’s time to treat your hair!

The hair treatment/conditioner is a white cream that smells like flowers. It’s a really nice smell, like conditioner at the hairdresser.

You can be as generous as you want. This is to be applied on wet hair and you leave it on for at least 5 minutes, more if you want to. The texture is pretty light and not heavy on the hair. You can easily rinse this product off.


So did I like this product? I have been using these products for the past two weeks and I saw/seeing a definite change of my scalp and hair :

– the shampoo definitely helped with my scalp condition. I used to have a lot of dandruff on the front of my scalp, this has now lessen. I don’t have that many dry scabs like skin… sorry for the details, but it’s true. All the western shampoo I’ve used have always given me dandruff, but this one didnt.

– you should also keep in mind that this shampoo is for scalp care. Using this did not make my hair silky to the touch. It actually made it hard to brush and I had a lot of knots.

– I asked my mom to try this shampoo since she has a different hairtype than mine. She has thin hair without volume. She really liked the cold feeling this shampoo gives on the scalp and she felt that her hair was stronger and thicker. This shampoo os great for people with thin hair as it gives natural volume and the hair strand is healthier.

– I have thick wavy hair and I felt that thanks to this shampoo, my hair doen’t get greasy as quickly as it used to. My hair also has a natural volume to it.

– You need to apply the hair treatment afterwards or else your hair just feels horrible.

– The hair treatment is okay, it helps to give you more manageable hair after the shampoo, but you still have knots here and there. 

– I do like the scent of both products, it both lingers on in the bathroom. After a day the scent is gone on the hair.

– After washing my hair, I have to apply my argan hair serum in order to have manageable hair.

– This is definitely not heavy on the hair. It doesn’t drop and your hair doesn’t go flat.

Would I recommend this?

I would say this is not your conventional shampoo& conditioner combo. You need to get accustomed to it to appreciate it.

If you have dandruff issues, you should try this as it will help improve your scalp. But don’t expect to have silky soft hair if you just use this shampoo. It’s also good for people with thin hair, as this provides natural volume and the hair feels thicker.

The hair treatment is just average though, you have to use this with this shampoo. I think I will finish the hair treatment first before the shampoo!

If you want to try this, you can buy it from Wishtrend in a combo set for 36 USD.

Thank you Wishtrend for this opportunity! 

Small reminder that if you are a new customer, do register and use my invitation code 163864312 to get 5 USD off your first order!

See you next time!

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