Elizavecca blackhead solution 3 step pore

Hey hey hey it’s almost the end of August, but the summer is not over yet.

Today I would like to share my experience with Elizavecca black head solution 3 step pore .

Don’t you think Elizavecca’s piglet mascot is cute? I do 😄.

I had never seen this product before, but since I liked their bubble clay mask I wanted to try something else from this brand. I found these 3 step nose strip on Ebay and took my chances.

The packaging

This nose pack is made out of 3 steps and comes in a long 3 part aluminium envelop like system,which you can tear up.

There is unfortunately no English on these. You can see this is to be used in 3 steps.

How to use it?

I googled it and found that each strip needs to rest on your nose for 10-15 minutes and your nose will normally be gunk free and blackhead free!

The first sheet is soaked with some sort of watery essence. You just need to play a bit with it for it to follow the shape of your nose.

Then it’s time to apply the 2nd sheet. This one is completely dry and sticky on one side. This is like a big sticker you apply on your nose to remove then gunk.

After 10-15 minutes, it’s time to remove it and you apply the last sheet which is a jelly like mask.This one is the hardest to position as it will move and slide. Once you found the position, you leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then you’re done!

Did it work?

Well I would say, this wa so-so.

This did remove some gunk, but it was very small. The last sheet, the jelly one left my nose oily and a bit sticky.

Not gonna zoom in on the picture, but you can double tap this to make the picture bigger.

I was expecting more gunk to come out, but I might not have that much on my nose.

My nose did feel nice afterwards, but I didn’t like the finish after applying the jelly like sheet


Would I buy this again? Probably not, but it was fun to try.

It did almost take me an hour for the whole process, but that’s just part of the game.

Step 1 and 2 were ok to apply, but the 3rd one not so much as it kept slipping away.

Some of the gunk were removed, the small ones but the bigger ones were still there.

I’m gonna look for another nose strip system. Sorry Elizavecca, I guess not all products are winner.

Can you recommend me a nose strip kit? I would love to know about it.

See you next time ☺


3 thoughts on “Elizavecca blackhead solution 3 step pore

  1. Coucou ma belle ! 😍😍❤ haha toi aussi tu t’es lancée dans cette marque !
    Encore une fois moi c’est le packaging qui m’a donner envie d’acheter ! J’ai prix un masque anti point noir sous forme de creme ! 😂😂 puis le bubble clay mask ! Il me semble que tu en avais parler sur ton blog ? 😄😍
    Ca m’avais donner envie d’essayer, sucitant ma curiosité ! 😁
    Merci pour cet article en tout cas ! Perso j’aime pas du tout les patch, j’trouve ca toujours bof au resultat ! 😜 des bisouu ! 😘

    • Oui!! Le petit cochon est tout mimi!! J’ai découvert cette marque grace aux blogeuses aur instagram. J’avais fait un review du masque, c’est vraiment toute une expérience, mais ca prend tellement du temps. Et le masque est difficile à retirer, quand tu en met trop 😐.

      C’est vrai, les patches n’ont pas bcp d’effet, mais je suis tjs curieuse des patch en 3 étapes. Heureusement que ca ne coute pas cher. Est-ce-que tu as trouvé un bon produit pour le nez? Si tu as un produit a me recommander, je suis toute ouie! 😛

  2. Hahaha! 😂😂😂 t’as bien fait de me prevenir, je prendrais mes précautions la prochaine fois! 😭
    Parce que je viens d’en faire un ( t’as fu voit ma tête sur instagram) ouais bah… Attend de voir la review que je fais dessus je sent que tu va etre morte de rire! 😂😂

    Pour le moment je te laisse dans l’attente, j’ai encore 2 produit a essayer contre les points noirs pour comparé! 😀❤
    Article a venir ” 😊

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