Review Espoir styling tint marker & lip balm duo in red dog RD201

Hey everyone,

Yes I’m finally getting back to my old habits so I have a new review to share!

I still can’t believe it’s October already. Time went by so quickly.

For today here is my review of Espoir styling tint marker & lipbalm duo in red dog.

Espoir is a Korean brand which became famous because of their mascara. That’s how I was introduced to them. They are from the same company as Etude House, but their image is more for adults.

I would say they are a bit like the MAC of South Korea. I have not been disappointed with their products yet. So let’s see how this will do.

The packaging

This lip tint comes in a purple box with stylized writing and purple kissmarks.

There is unfortunately no explanation of the product in English. It’s only in Korean. There are no writing on both side, just the continuation of the purple kiss mark.

Outside the box, this is how it looks.

It’s a black pen like product with two sides. It is quite long, but still quite handy and can be easily handled.

The color

The color I had is “red dog”. I bought this because I really liked their liptint+balm . I can still say it’s my favorite liptint.

This red dog tint is on the pinkish side.

The balm is a bit colored and gives a pink shine. You can use it on it’s own if you wish. It also melts easily on the lips when applied.

The marker tint part is reddish pink. It doesn’t have a bitter taste and does not dry your lips. A good thing about this marker is that it’s easier to control the tint color. But you can think that no color comes out, so you need to “color” your lips and apply several layers.

On my lips, here is how it looks.

It’s definitely not red, but a nice fresh pink on the lips. When first applied, you see my lips look quite pinkish and after an hour, it already has faded a lot.

That means you need to reapply a lot througout the day to keep those babylips going.


This was a nice try from Espoir, but I still prefer my very first liptint+balm.


♡ love love love their lipbalm as it just melts on the lips

♡easy to apply

♡handy packaging and the caps don’t open easily

♡is scented but smells really nice and not sweet


♢The tint doesn’t last too long

♢not much info in English

♢not widely available on the net

♢is a bit expensive for this type of tint

Would I recommend it? No not really. I really prefer their other lip tint+balm combo by far as the color stays longer. But I will say that the lipbalm part is definitely worth it. I know Espoir has lipbalm which are sold with the same image as Dior’s lip glow… so I might have to add that to my collection ☺

See you next time!

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