My first Colourpop order

A couple of weeks ago, Colourpop had a special offer where shipping was free for international order over 50USD, or shipping was 5USD for orders below 50USD. And I finally placed my order!


Normally for  international order, shipping is 25USD and that is wayyyyy too much.

So when I saw this offer, I had to try. I saw so many people rave about this brand and it’s so cheap, but the quality is not missing.

What’s even better is that you can get a 5USD coupon if you register your email. And that’s what I did so my order was free shipping thanks to the coupon.

Another good thing is that for shipping they use US postal service, by registered mail. I always try and stay away from online store that uses DHL. Their service is such crap, that even though the store is good, I would not place an order delivered by DHL ( sorry Tarte, please use another delivery service and I’ll be more tempted).


Online order

Colourpop is a brand exclusively sold online, so if you see it somewhere else beware.

Ordering online is pretty easy : once you like something, just add it to your cart and once you’re ready, you can finalize the order and pay. They accept PayPal so I’m good. As soon as you place your order, you get an email confirming your order and then another email confirming when your order has been sent out. They also give you your tracking code so you can check where your order is.

I placed my order on Sept 22 and it was sent out on Sept 24. It arrived in Belgium on 30th Sept but stayed with Customs for a couple of days.. that is a bad sign already. On 6th October, it was delivered to my house. But since I wasn’t there, I got a note saying that I need to pay 26,25€ before they can release my packages.

F***, the reason they made me pay is because on the box, it clearly say the content is worth 33 USD, even though I only paid 29 USD.

If it mentioned it cost less than 25USD, it would have been fine. I really hate Belgian customs because they are so strict. I paid aroundn 26€ for my order and that’s also just how much I had to pay to customs :

-15€ for administrative fees = because they “checked” the package

-11,25€ for customs taxes

If you’re from Belgium as well, and you order from the US, always try to order for less than 25$, to guarantee you won’t pay any custom fees.

My order

My order arrived in a very sturdy white box, with “made in LA” on the side. All info about my order can be found on the top.

Once you open it, you’ll find the nice Colourpop design inside and you’ll find lots of protection. You will also get a “thank you” message, the invoice and their current catalogue.

You’ll also notice that there is a lot of foam surrounding the items, no bubble wrap but foam.

And finally my order :

♡ lippie stix in tiger 5$

♡lip gloss in casino 6$

♡ highlight in butterfly beach 8$

♡ eyeshadow in tea party ( which was broken) 5$

♡ eyeshadow in sunset blvd 5$

♡ eyeshadow in amaze 5$

It is nice to see that each item comes in a box, whenever it’s from a special collection, you can find the name on the back.

It would have been great though if there was some sort of samples or a mini gift. Sorry I expect too much, Korean stores have made me greedy.

I swatched most of the products and I can understand why people like these products so much!

Each and everyone is very pigmented and easy to apply. I did find a faint smell of vanilla on the lip product, but that’s okay.


I am very happy with my shopping experience with Colourpop. The service was pretty quick. The really only bad side is Belgian customs and their crazy customs fees.

I am also pretty happy that they replied to my email on the same day when I informed them that one of my item was broken.

On 17th October, I received the replacement eyeshadow. From the box, it says it was sent out on 10/10/2016. It was sent in a box again. Shipping was pretty quick. I’m impressed. ☺

I can say I’m very happy of their customer service. Justice thank you for the speedy treatment of my request!

I really hope Colourpop will have more of these special offer for shipping at 5$ and I will be sure to give them more of my money… not to customs though.

Do you know about Colourpop, any favorites or recommendation?


See you next time!

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