Review Luke lemon tea tree nose cleansing strip

Hey hey hey,

Yeap it’s another review for another product I received from Skin18.

This time it’s Luke’s lemon tea tree nose cleansing strip.

I’m getting to discover several of Luke’s products thanks to Skin18. I have tried some of their eyepatches, there is still a sheetmask  I need to try out as well. But for today, it’s  a nose strip.

The packaging

This nose strip comes in a regular aluminium envelop.

On the front, you can see their doll mascot again. On the back, the explanation of the product is mostly in Korean. But the warning part is in English. You also have pictures this time on how to use the product.

The expiration date is once again mentioned on the back.

The nose strip

I have recently found a way to make the dirt come out of my pore more easily with a nose strip.

I didn’t have a good experience with my Cosrx BHA returning A-sol, but because I still have so much left I had to find a way to use and I found it!

Before applying the nose strip, soak a cotton pad with the A-sol and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Then it’s time to apply the nose strip.

The nose strip is on a clear film, you need to remove it and apply it on your nose which you moisten a bit with water.

You should then leave it on for around 20 minutes,or until it dries out hard.


After 20 minutes, I removed the strip and started from below to the top.

Thanks to the strip I was able to remove longer filaments and some little hairs and other dirt.

It did help out clean my nose. It wasn’t itchy afterwards which is always good. There were some parts of the strip that was still left, but that was easily removed.


This was an okay nose strip from Luke’s :


  • Does remove filaments from your nose
  • Does not leave an itchy feel afterwards


  • This had a earthy smell to it
  • Might not be as strong if I didn’t use the A-sol from Cosrx
  • It can take a bit longer to dry if you wet your nose too much

You can get this item as a freebie on Skin18

See you on the next post, I still have some post coming soon ☺

Note : this is an item sent out by Skin18 for review purposes. This is my honest review where I did not get compensation

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