Review Luke snail essence mask

Oh yes I’m on a roll and I have another Skin18 related review for you all!
Today it’s for Luke Snail essence mask.

By now you must be getting familiar with Luke products. This is already the third item I have tried. Let’s see if this one is a winner.

The packaging

The Blythe like mascot is back! I think she is a bit creepy with her big eyes but ok.

This sheetmask comes in a golden aluminium envelop. You can see that they used snail shells in the background and then the big doll face in the front.
On the back you have the instructions in English and Korean. This time they used illustration to explain how to use the mask. This should be left on for 20-30 minutes.

The expiration date is mentioned on the back as well, which is always helpful.

The mask

When you open this mask, you’ll see that there isn’t much essence, but the sheet mask is pretty damp. Unlike many other mask, you usually still have a lot of essence left in the pack.

This mask has a nice fresh lemon like scent to it, but it’s not too strong.

The fit is okay as well, and easily covered my face. The holes for the mouth, eyes and nose felt comfortable too.

I left the mask on for 25 minutes and the sheet was still quite moist. It didn’t make my skin itchy or uncomfortable.

After 30 minutes most of the mask was absorbed, but I still felt my skin was sticky.

After an hour, the stickiness was still there, and also this oily like film. This is not good for my oily skin 😑

I also tried to check if the sheetmask was strong enough and I pulled it, but it easily tore apart. If you try to pull on it to cover your face, it might become deformed.


This is already the 3rd product from Luke, and unfortunately it hasn’t impressed me much. Maybe because this is not suited for my skin type.

Pro’s :

♢sheet mask still moist after 30 minutes

♢the fit is ok and the opening for the eyes, lips and nose is not bothersome.

♢mask best for people with dry skin

♢my skin didn’t badly react to this

♢this is lightly scented with a lemon like scent, but it’s not too strong so it won’t bother people with sensitive smell

Con’s :

♢ the essence left my skin sticky and oily

♢ there isn’t any excess essence after you remove the sheet

♢the sheetmask itself can tear if you pull too much on it

Would I recommend this? I would maybe say that people with dry should try this. If you have oily skin, avoid this.

You can get this sheetmask at $1.65 on Skin18 here

Thank you again Skin18 for this chance. See you on the next post!

Note: this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. This is my honest openion and was not compensated for it.

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