Review Beauty friends II Aloe essence mask sheet pack review

Hey everyone,

I’m almost done with my review from Skin 18 blogger pack.

Beauty friends
Today I bring you a review for Beauty friend II’s aloe essence mask sheet pack.

This mask is from Beauty Friends, another Korean brand I had never heard of before. Let’s see if I’ll like it.

The packaging

This sheet mask comes in your regular aluminum like envelop. On the front you have pictures of Aloe, the main ingredient of this mask. On the back you have the explanation of the product in Korean and English. You can also check the ingredients since it’s mentioned in English.

Beauty friends
You also have drawing explaining how to use and apply the mask. The expiration date of the product is also mentioned on the back.

The mask

This mask has your regular aloe scent. What shocked me the most is when you open it, you won’t see much essence left.

Beauty friends
There was actually none left, but the mask did contain a lot of essence.

Beauty friends
The mask easily fitted my face. I didn’t have any issues with the opening of the eyes, nose or mouth. It was just z bit too short for the sides of my face.

The mask did try out bit by bit, so much that the lower part was no longer touching my face! I left it on my face for around 20 minutes.When I removed the mask there was still some excess essence so I massaged it to be absorbed by the skin.

Beauty friends
It then dried up and gave a nice finish… but unfortunately I broke out a bit after this mask. I had some small white bumps that started appearing after 30 minutes.


This is an ok mask, but unfortunately my skin reacted to it.


  • nice fit on the face
  • despite not having much essence, the sheet itself was well soaked
  • easily absorbed by the skin


  • it broke me out a bit, with white bumps appearing afterwards
  • it dries out before the recommended 20 minutes

If  you want to try this mask, you can find it on Skin18 for 0.95 USD

Thanks again Skin18 for this experience… just one more product and I’m done.

Note : this item was sent to me for reviewing purposes. This is my honest review and was not compensated for it!

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