Review KailiJumei Summer Simplicity Lipstick

Hey everyone,

Today I have a special product for review. It’s Kailijumei summer simplicity lipstick.


I received this from Amabie as I was chosen as one of their AB sweethearts. Pretty neat right? 

For all you that never heard of Amabie before, it’s a website where you can share your review for mostly Asian beauty products.They are based in Taiwan but the website is in English. Everyone can share their reviews, and if you’re lucky they will contact you and send you some products to try!

Joining is free so you really don’t have anything to lose, and everything to gain! You do have to create an account and you can then start posting.

Now let’s get on with the product. Kailijumei is a Chinese brand that has recently been talked about because of their pretty lipstick bullet with a conserved flower. A couple of months ago, everyone was raving about it and was sold out everywhere. Now that I have a chance to test it, let’s see if I’ll like it!

The packaging 

This lipstick comes in a see through plastic box.You have a sticker on the side proving it’s genuine with a qr code.


On mine it has a sticker in Chinese and the ingredients in English. One thing I find strange is that it says “Kailijumei Germany”. Anyone knows why?

You also have the production date and expiration date printed on the box.


When I removed the sticker, I found the explanation of the product in English. 

This lipstick apparently :

nourishes and moisturize the lips, keeping them soft and moist with a fresh and pleasant fragrance… And it keeps the lips from melting and fading for a whole day.

Let’s see if this will all be true.

The lipstick

The lipstick comes in a transparent plastic container, with the lipstick holder made in a silver plastic, with the brand name printed on the side.


The lipstick bullet is pretty to look at, as it looks like a toy.

This is very light and feels a bit cheap to me.


I compared it to my Beyond Alice lipstick and there was already a big difference :

  • Beyond was heavier than Kailijumei
  • Beyond felt sturdier
  • Kailijumei is a bit bigger
  • Kailijimei is easier to open and close, so this makes me think it can open accidentally in your pouch/pocket
  • When you check the bottom, the sticker is not neatly put on on Kailijumei
  • The brand’s lettering makes it also look a bit outdated for Kailijumei

But the preserved flower does make it look pretty unique and original.

The colour 

I received n°3 , from the bullet it makes it look like a neon orange. These lipstick will react to your body warmth and change colour based on that.

On the back of my hand, it turns into a bright fuschia like pink.And on my lips?


It’s a fuschia pink, but a bit darker. The colour is a nice pink, perfect just to give you that touch of colour to your face.

Now is it all up to what it says it is? I would say it’s a BIG NO!!!!

The first tile I applied it, there was this horrible plastic scent and taste. I’ve used it several times and that taste and smell is ALWAYS THERE.

This says to nourish and moisturize but after a couple of minutes, you’ll feel a tingle on your lips like when you apply lip tint and your lips dries out bit by bit. It looks moisturize, but it doesn’t moisturize.


The colour definitely does not stay long. On my hand,it did stay for quite a while and it even tinted my lips. But on the lips, it’s a different story. If you eat for even just a bit, it disappears. This will definitely not stay long on your lips. And I’m a bit glad too because of his scent and taste.


In all honesty, I was very disappointed with this product and glad I did not jump into the wagon to go and pay for this.

Pro’s :

  • Pretty conserved flower design
  • Nice color on the lips

Con’s :

  • Cheap looking  and a bit outdated design
  • Horrible taste of plastic and scent.You’ll taste it even more when you eat with this on your lips.
  • Dries out lips
  • Would not last even 2 hours and disappears if you eat or drink
  • Does not moisturize lips

Kailijumei had a really nice idea but the product was not that nice.


Anyway thank you Amabie for giving me a chance to test this one out.

See you next time!

Note: this item was sent to me for review purposes from amabie. This is my honest experience and was not compensated in any way for this.

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