Review Ma chérie moisture treatment

Hi everyone,

How was your week? My bank account barely survived Black Friday offers online. Black Friday is not that popular yet here in Belgium but what was in offer in store was not all that interesting.

So let me intice you with something I had bought when I was in Hong Kong.

It’s Shiseido’s Ma chérie moisture treatment.

I had previously discovered Shiseido’s Tsubaki shampoo’s and conditioner and loved it. So while I was in Hong Kong, I was out of shampoo and headed to the closest Manning and bought a little shampoo+conditioner set, which was Ma Chérie. I liked it so much that once I was back in Mannings, I decided to get a full size product.

I actually was not sure what this was at first, but after some research found that this moisture treatment is a hair mask. Perfect to give that extra care to my hair.

The packaging 

This hair mask/treatment comes in a pink tube where you squeeze out the product.

Since I bought mine in Hong Kong there was a sticker with the explanation of the product in Chinese.

It has a very cute and feminine packaging. Ma chérie is French for my darling. Not sure why they decided to go for a French name, but maybe they were going for that cute French dainty look.

How to use

The way to use this is to apply it on towel dry hair and leave it on for around 10 minutes and then wash it off.

This treatment is a pink gel like cream and smells really good. it smells of flower but is not overly sweet. It kind of smell like the hair treatment you find in Prettia bubble hair dye.

This is really easy to apply, you just leave it on for at least 5 minutes. I leave it on for 10 minutes and sometimes a bit more. I then wash if off with cold water. You’ll already feel your hair being softer and tangle free.

When dried, your hair will feel soft and airy. Meaning your hair will not feel as it is weighing down like when you apply cream to your hair. Another good thing about this is that is doesn’t leave you with greasy hair, or makes your hair greasy faster.

I use this at least once a week. A bottle can last you a couple of months so this is pretty good, to give extra care to your hair.


I bought this for around 90HKD, so around 10€. It’s more than I would spend on a hair mask, but I’m glad to say it was worth it.


  • Smells flowery, like you’ve received a treatment at the hairdresser
  • Gel like cream easy to apply
  • Immediately leaves your hair soft and manageable
  • Does not make your hair greasy
  • Makes hair airy and shiny


  • Can be on the pricey side, even though this is a lower end product from Shiseido
  • Not found easily online

Would I recommend this? Yes definitely. I just love the smell of it and the way it leaves my hair afterwards. I straighten my hair quite often and this helps me in trying to keep my hair soft and manageable.

If I find this online somewhere at an ok price, I would definitely buy it again!

See you next time.

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