San Francisco 2016 : Day 2

Hey Hey I’m back with my travel log from my last trip this year.

Today let’s go back to my second day in San Francisco and we were back on the road again!

On our second day we headed to Los Angeles for a very special reason!

Wanna see where I  went to?

After having dinner with family we went to sleep and left home quite early to drive to Los Angeles.

It was so early that I got to see the sunrise. The sky was just too pretty. I don’t my picture could just show you how pretty it was.

We had our very first breakfast, and it was Mcdonalds. I adopted American habits quite early on during this trip. This was the very first time in my life I had a mcbreakfast, or however you call it. It was pretty bland and I was already missing “real food”.

We were on the road for a couple of hours and around 11.30 we finally arrived in LA and went straight to Holiday Inn express. The room was spacious and very comfy. I also like that the toiletry were from Bath & Bodyworks.

On to the next stop…

We left our stuff in the room and went back to the car to go to the main event.

One thing that I noticed was that there was so much greenery here than San Francisco, look at all these palm trees! It’s nice to see green sometimes.

We parked our car and when leaving the parking, I found this wall impressive. Do you have an idea where I went to?

And then I saw this? This cute retro diner/burger place. Is Danny Zucko and Sandy in the area?

We walked a bit more and finally arrived at the entrance… yes we went to Universal Studios!!! This was my wish to my aunt. I asked her if we could go and she said yes!!! She was too nice with us and bought us a two day ticket, because a day is not enough.

When you come in, you really feel you’re in Hollywood, movie and entertainment capital of the US!

I didn’t really know where to start first, but one thing was for sure I wanted to try out “The Walking Dead” attraction. Because it was Friday, the park was not too crowded so first thing we visited was “The Walking Dead”.

I took my parents to come in, and off course told my mom this was not a scary ride. I mean everyone knew I was lying, we even walked past these dead bodies at the entrance, but my mom was so oblivious… hehe yes I’m evil sometimes.

And we went in in less than 5 minutes. This was definitely a tense, surprising experience. The zombies inside were really creepy, be careful when they try to pull you and pass next to you…

You’ll see a lot of characters walking around in the park and one of the first one we met was Beetlejuice, he was actually working a girl when I first saw him but his charms didn’t work on the girl and then he saw my mom, and she screamed. It was too funny, Beetlejuice was so proud! He did his job!

Then there was this British guard, he told my mom to stay serious whatever happens, and she beat him to his game. He was so impressed, my mom did not break a sweat! I thought my mom’s face was priceless and so loltastic.

We then went to Minion land!

Everything was just too cute, even the ride was just adorable!

The souvenir shop was another photo worthy place.

Keep your eyes peeled and try to find as many Minions around the place!

We were getting hungry but then saw a show was starting and went to see the Animal Actor show.

All the animals were funny and entertaining, not everything went to place but was still worthy to watch!

Then finally grub time, we went for Hamburger, yes American habit again!


After eating, we saw Bumblebee and then headed for another ride, and went and saw Shrek!  There was also a place where you can talk with Donkey, it sounded so real though.

I was wondering the whole time if it wasn’t actually Eddy Murphy doing it… I’ll never know.

We walked on again and arrived in Springfield, USA, home of a very famous yellow family a.k.a. THE SIMPSONS.

We quickly saw Marge and Homer but decided to walk on because we want to go do the Studio Tour.

The waiting time was pretty quick again and we went onto the car. This again was another great ride where you can experience the magic of movies and saw some very famous set, like the set from “Desperate Housewives”.

You’ll experience a metro falling apart, King Kong fighting a dinosaur and getting into a car chase. This lasted around 40 minutes but it was really worth it!

After that we went to Hogsmeade, another place I wanted to visit. This is also still quite new but you really feel they did a great job. You really feel like you’re in the Harry Potter world.

In August I went to the Harry Potter exposition here in Brussels, so going here was even better. I finally got to taste some Butterbeer, but I actually didn’t like it all that much as I felt it was too sweet.Maybe I should give it another go next time, but try the warm version, or frozen one.

We then went inside Hogwarts and the ride was just great! I think this was my most favorite ride out of all the once’s I’ve tried. You fly around and follow Harry playing quidditch but then the death eaters come attack you, they literally come 30 cm away from your face. I was actually trying to get my face away and I screamed… and looked for my sister’s hand. lol. This definitely was an exciting ride, I really was not expecting it to be the way it was. I would definitely go and do this ride again!

Then we went to our last attraction, which was the Jurassic Park ride, which is a lot of people’s favorite. This ride was on the lower floor, so there were several escalator to go through.

We again didn’t have to wait that long and went on the ride : we sat right at the front. We knew we were going to get wet but hey it’s part of the game.

The props of the ride weren’t in the best shape, some really looked like they were about to break down ( which some were already), nonetheless it was still pretty entertaining, specially the last bit!

It was then time to leave as the park was only open until 6pm.

We then went back to the hotel and rested  a bit and we all decided to have dinner at Chevy’s. My first try at Mexican food. I ordered tacos and was really happy I took this. It was the only one which had a reasonable sizing.

Everything else was so oversize, my sister ordered a burrito and barely ate half of it, it was so huge, plus all the side dish. A lot of food was left so we asked for a doggy bag… but we didn’t eat it afterwards. So much waste!

I was very tired, as I haven’t slept 5  hours yet, and kept dozing off in the car but I was pretty happy with a very productive Friday.

Lesson of the day

What I learned on that day was :

  • LA has lots of palm trees and I like that a city has this much greenery
  • The Holiday Inn express is a great hotel to stay in as the room was spacious and they have free wifi! Do I need to say more? Oh and it’s less than 20 minutes away from Universal Studios
  • It’s great to go to Universal Studio during the week , as there is less people and we waited for 5-20 minutes only per ride.
  • Bring food if you don’t want to buy food inside the park, but then again that’s part of the experience.
  • You’ll see lots of characters walking around and at specific places in the park
  • If you’re a “Walking Dead” fan, you definitely need to do the attraction.This will eventually be changed/replaced by another hit scary movie/series
  • The Harry Potter ride was my favorite, so try it out if you’re not afraid of being tossed around and getting up close with the baddies.
  • Be ready to get wet :the 3D rides all have a moment where you get wet, some found very creative ways of doing this! The only water ride is Jurassic Park, so if you get on this ride, you will get wet 100%, except if you’re sited in the last row.
  • Get a two day ticket, because one day is not enough to do all the rides
  • When ordering at Chevy, keep in mind that one order is enough for 2 people. Share your food, it’ll be cheaper for you and you won’t waste food

I didn’t spend much at the park, all my money went into food and taking pictures.

The only “souvenirs” I bought were Harry Potter sweets and I’m glad to say they were delicious.

I was glad to sleep in a bed that night and it was for more than 5 hours finally!

See you on the next post 🙂


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