Review Tony Moly Changing u magic foot peeling shoes

Oh yes, I’m back trying to keep my promise and getting back to bloggin on a more regular interval.

Today let me share my experience with Tony Moly’s changing u magic foot peeling shoes.

I haven’t used any foot peeling product for a while, so I thought I needed to do something about it. I decided to try out one I had never used before, and this is why I opted for this one from Tony Moly.

I bought mine from Testerkorea and cost less than 4 EUR, which is a pretty decent price.

The packaging

This peeling shoe comes in a blue packaging with a before and after drawing.

On the back you have the explanation of the product in Korean and English. You also have drawing explaining how to use this as well. I did find it a bit strange that the ingredients were not mentioned… maybe it is in Korean… The expiration date is also mention on the packaging.

Once you open the pack, you’ll find 2 socks and 2 Tony Moly stickers. Now how to use this.

The product

To use this product, you will need to apply in on clean and dry feet. Cut along the opening to be able to create an opening so that you can slide your foot into the shoe/sock.

One thing I noticed is how this foot pack smelled really good, and not chemical at all. This pack also felt like it didn’t contain much product as well. Compared to other packs, you could actually feel the liquid content, here you can’t do it at all. Once you place your foot inside, you’ll then feel the product.

Now you need to stay put for around 90 minutes and then wash it off once done.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but after use this type of foot pack, I always feel like my feet are cold. Like there there is this liquid stuck between my foot and the skin touching the ground whenever I walk. It’s really a strange feeling, but  after a  day this feeling is gone.

The results

First of all the result can differ from one person to another, but even with this in mind I wasn’t really satisfied with this one.

Normally my feet were supposed to start peeling after 4 days, but it didn’t. It starting peeling only after 7 days, and only partly. It was quite uneven. I was finally able to remove most of the old skin after two weeks… yes two weeks!!! On the top part of the feet, it was easier to remove, but the skin on the sole was harder.

I was able to remove the skin under the shower, because it barely peeled off when my skin was dry. I was so disappointed and getting quite frustrated that it wouldn’t peel off evenly, like it did with previous packs I have tried.

Really I was so disappointed this didn’t work properly on me.


Do I recommend this? NO, really not. It took such a while for it to work and the results were half met. My skin was indeed softer, where the skin peeled off, but it was so frustrating it didn’t peel that easily.

I really did not like the feeling that for two weeks, parts of my feet still had the old skin. Sorry to be so graphic, but I was leaving dead skin everywhere I walked around, or put my feet. You could actually where I walked in the house, because of the dead skin I was leaving around. I was getting so obsessed in removing skin whenever some would detached, I lot track of time. This just was a bad experience, really did not like this one.

Do you  have any recommendation for another cheap foot peeling, I would definitely love to hear about it!

See you next time

4 thoughts on “Review Tony Moly Changing u magic foot peeling shoes

  1. I’ve tried Shara Shara’s Smooth Bébé foot peeling mask and that was pretty good. The first time I used it the results was quite surprising haha but maybe because I already used it once, I didn’t have that much dead skin when I used it the second time and so the next time I used it there wasn’t much skin to peel off lol 😂😂

    • I’ve never tried the Shara Shara one. Maybe I’ll try that one next time. It has been more than 6 months since the last time I used this type of peeling products. So I was really disappointed with this product . I should have enough dead skin for it to work. 😑

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