San Francisco holiday : day 3

Hey everyone,

No beauty review today but I’m taking you back to my holiday!


Come let’s go!

On my third day of holiday, we went back to Universal studios and finish all the rides we couldn’t visit yesterday.


There was already a difference with Friday, because when we went back on Saturday we waited in line to get in… which we didn’t have to on Friday.

First thing we did was to visit the gift shops for Harry Potter goods and we tried out the capes!


I’m officially a Hogwarts student… or am I a ninja. I don’t think I posed correctly. Lol.

Anyway I didn’t buy anything because everything was still so expensive but I had fun trying out the capes.

The first attraction we went it is Water world. On Friday each time we wanted to go, the doors were closed already , we were always too late. But this time we came 10 minutes earlier and finally got to see the show!

This was great, the actors were so entertaining. And be prepared to get wet, specially if you are in the “wet seat” section, or if you become the victim of the actors. Thankfully I didn’t get wet.. they did not see me.

After the show we decided to head to the lower ground where all the 3D rides were.

We did The Mummy Β and Transformers, but I must say I prefered the Transformers one.

You really could feel you were part of the machines and when they attacked us, you could really feel the heat going over your body!

After we finished all the rides, we went back on the main ground and went to see the special effects show, which was entertaining. You even got a little history lesson on the special effects used in Hollywood movies.

We were already supposed to leave, because we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic for the next destination but then we went YOLO and decided to stay longer.

Since we didn’t eat yet, we decided to look for food in Springfield.

We had a choice between Moe or Krusty.. and we went for a Krusty burger!

I ordered a Krusty burger which came with fries and coleslaw. The fries were yummy and the burger was again such a handful to eat.It was again quite messy but I still managed to finish it.

And after we finished eating, we walked around Springfield and decided to go and do one last ride, which he hadn’t tried yet : Krustyland

This was the last ride we did but we had to wait for 1 hour in line to finally get on the ride. It was the only time we actually waited but in the end the ride was quite worth it. The most memorable part was when Maggie sucked the ride we were in… it was too funny.

And then it was almost time to go. We walked around a bit more to take the last pictures and buy souvenirs.

We walked around Hogsmeade and found all these fun alley. This place is just so much fun and everything was picture worthy.

But then it was time to really go. We were able to do all the rides in 2 days, saw Β and experienced so many wonderful things.

I would definitely go and visit this place again.

The must rides are :

  • The Harry Potter ride
  • The Krustyworld ride
  • The Transformers ride
  • The Universal studio tours

If you still have time :

  • Water world
  • Jurassic Park ride
  • The walking dead… if you don’t get scared easily

Then it was back on the road for us.

We did a little pit stop to stock up on food and drinks and it was back to more deserts views for us.

After several hours of driving we arrived in Las Vegas.

It was quite late a night, we had dinner at a Filipino restaurant and it was just awful. Nothing tasted as it should be and the service was lacking. How can they f*ck up arroz caldo?!?It’s such an easy thing to make but they managed to fail.. It was so bad I forgot the name, because it’s not worth it.

Then we went to the city and stayed the night at a hotel.

We walked around a bit, but only saw people drunk getting ready to party. And lots of women who could barely walk with their high heels and wore so little fabric, but men were overly dressed. It really was not my scene.

So we went back to the hotel and finally called it a day.

We were quite tired but we had fun as “jaws”ways ehehe get it!


See you next on the next post…

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