San Francisco holiday : day 4

Ready for another today with me on holiday?


Yes? Okay let’s go

So after a great weekend at Universal Studios, it was time to spend a bit of time in Nevada.

I know it says it was a holiday in San Francisco, but I’m in another city 🙂 Family duties, what can I say.

We checked out of our hotel and decided to try some slot machines while we were waiting for our family members. I played and lost 5 USD, so that was it for me, but my sister won not that much but she gained some cents! LOL

For lunch we went to Goldilocks, whenever I go back to the Philippines, I always get their dessert like their black forest, their polvoron and their sago’t gulaman.


I was super excited to see they offered sago’t gulaman, but another disappointment: it was too sweet and missing that flavor I long for. I learned that Filipino food in Nevada is crap, home cooking is still the best, or back in the country.

After lunch we went to the hover dam. It was super hot that day, thank god I brought water with me. Our first struggle was finding a parking space, and after 10 minutes of driving around, we finally found a spot inside their “indoor” parking build within the rock formation.

We walked around fascinated by this man build dam. It really is super impressive to see. I felt so small and just wondered how people felt while building the dam, if they would have thought it would last this long. If you’re a engineer, or just amazed what people minds can think of, this is a place for you.

What was also fun to see is that you could clearly see on the rocks the level of the water slowly going down, with the color degradation.

Another fun thing about this place is that you could be in two different states at the same time… this place made it possible to be at two places at the same time.

We went underground too but the tour was already closed for the day. Still it felt nice as it was cooler and we got to take a break from the sun’s ray. And I got to take these very artistic pictures in the process.

After that we headed to the souvenir shop. Surprise surprise, as usual, I couldn’t find my name. I really thought I would have a higher chance of finding my name on these key chains, but it wasn’t meant to be.

We stayed there for around 2 hours and we decided to do some retail therapy. Outlet time!

You can’t go to the US without visiting at least one outlet, it’s a must.  There I discovered the deliciousness that is called Auntie Anne, their pretzels are soo good, and so is their lemonade! Yum

Everyone was tired after all that walking around, and shopping. No one had the energy to cook, so we ordered some Popeyes, yes fried chicken!

We also ate that giant donut from Lard Lard donut, nothing really special about it, just that it was huge. We shared it amongst ourselves and still couldn’t finish it.

Basically day four was all about eating! Some disappointments, discoveries and just stuffing our faces.

We slept in our comfy beds and the next day we were back on the road, this time finally going back to San Francisco.

We picked our day really badly as we spent the whole day stuck in traffic, even the petrol stops were full. We actually needed to line up and waited around 10 minutes just to be able to use the bathroom. Really 5th September is not a day to spend on the high way, it’ll be 100% stuck in traffic.

One good thing came about this though it’s that I discovered another yummy treat, which is Yogurtland! Sorry I’m always about food.

We spent several more hours in the car, and I was really getting fed up. We finally reached San Francisco but it was after midnight. Everyone was so tired, and just happy to be able to stretch our legs and sleep in a bed again.

Another day nicely spent tasting lots of food and another “lost” on the highway.

What I learned that day :

  • do not travel on 5th September!!!
  • Yogurtland is so yummy and there are so many toppings to choose from
  • never pass a chance to shop at an outlet!
  • don’t go to a Filipino restaurant in Nevada expecting it’ll actually taste good, or even taste like how it does back in the Philippines
  • Auntie Anne is another yummy treat if you like pretzels and lemonade
  • Hover Dam is a very impressive place to visit! It’s not boring I promise

    See you next time, on an actual day I spent in San Francisco.

    2 thoughts on “San Francisco holiday : day 4

      • That’s okay too kasi you have so many choices of other delicious food sa Pinas 😄 … but Popeye’s chicken is pretty good 🍗🍗🍗

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