CHARIS lucky box 

Last month, I saw this great offer from a fellow kbeauty lover on instagram.

She showed me this store called Charis who had this lucky box containing products from Huxley, Beige Chuu, Heimish Moonshot and other great brands.. and I got baited.

So on 14th February, I placed my order for 2 boxes one for me and one for my sister! I thought this would be a great birthday gift for her!

I paid through Paypal and was advised my order would be for the lats batch to be released on 16th February.

This looked like such a good deal!

Shipping was free and it was going to be sent by EMS.

My packages were dispatched on 17th February and arrived in Belgium on 26th February. It was stuck with Customs until 14th March and I finally received the boxes on 16th March.

It took almost a month… and yes that’s EMS service for you.

Ever since I complained to Belgian Customs that they made me pay unecessary expenses, they keep checking my packages trying to make me pay… but it didn’t work this tie since it cost less than 22 USD. See how they opened my box… this is a box you can open and close and they actually cut the bottom side ..  smart really smart…tsk

When I opened my box, well I was greatly disappointed. The contents of my box :

  • A box of 10 mask + 3 of Soyou sheet mask all expired on 9th March 2017
  • Beige Chuu eyelashes
  • Missha mascara
  • 2 Hanskin deluxe samples of an ampoule and cream
  • a makeup puff
  • a cushion puff

The box was supposed to contain at least 40 USD worth of products but I got a box of expired mask, samples and they only actual product that was part of the listed lucky box items were the mascara that cost 3-4 USD and the Soyou mask but are expired.

All in all the value of the box is far below the 40 USD, not even 20 USD. I would say 10USD at most.

Charis irresponsibility

This disappointing box was not an accident. After the second and third wave of boxes were sent out, it felt quite strange that no one was posting about it. You could find only a handful on instagram … and it was people with the good boxes. Then the disappointing box started to pop out here and there until I saw pinaybeautyandstylelover ‘s post on instagram. Basically Charis sent the same disappointing boxes to everyone from batch 2 and 3!

The first people that complained to Charis were told that it’s a draw of the luck, and that’s how the boxes are . For the mask,they only had to put it in the fridge and it will be fine.

And then peachkao started to make a list of all the people that got this bad box and this clearly show this was not a draw of the luck. It was how the box are constituted, plain and simple.

After all the complaints, Charis finally decided to release an official notification. They apparently did not notice that all the boxes did not contain what it was supposed to have. Them giving us that many mask about to expire was a gift so that we could try the products. They would reimburse everyone from batch 2 and 3.

Their explanation was still shady as f***.

How can you not notice that the stock of items that should have been inside the box was still in the warehouse?

Why would you list the Soyou mask as something you would get if you’re now saying it’s a gift?

They were even saying at first that you should refrigerate it and it will be ok. Why in the world would you put an expired product on your face? What if you have an allergic reaction? Would Charis help you heal your skin? Pay for the derma treatment?

If it was indeed a mistake, how come the boxes we received were already full? It was definitely not possible to put anything more in the box.

Shouldn’t Charis send out what was promised on their offer?

For the refund of 19.99USD, I still think they got off easy. It’s not a big loss, even if they had to refund let’s say 1000 people because they still have the items that should have been given in the lucky box. If they sell those products they will already gain their losses.

Oh and they promise they will be a lucky box 2.0 .. we all know where those items will come from … it’s the lucky boxes that should have been sent out… we’re not that stupid you know.


The only thing I can say is that Charis could have gained a lot of new buyers and could have grown their international customers, but they decided to deceive and lie and use these unbelievable excuses… and still not take responsibility for it.

I still cannot believe they actually told people they should still use expired products on their faces. They also said that the boxes we received are the basic boxes with the freebies… then how come the first batch did not get these freebies?!? 

There are so many inconsistencies with their explanation, it’s really hard to believe their honesty towards their customers and to trust them.

I checked the rest of their products on sale and the prices are pretty high plus you need to add shipping expenses to that.

There so many better shops out there with good prices and trustworthy services. You can forget about Charis, it’sdefinitely not worth your time and money … unless you like drama and want to pay jacked up prices…

Thank you Charis, I discovered other IG accounts with the same interest and can save my money for better stores!

Want some suggestions on online kbeauty store then check this post out!

2 thoughts on “CHARIS lucky box 

  1. That’s horrible.. it bothers me when the companies have misleading advertising, just to attract the buyer. It’s a big no no 👎👎.. please stop doing that. ✋✋ There are many pages where they sell original products, with their expiration date well., have many promotions and give a lot of samples. 😀😀

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