Unboxing my first order from Kultfinds + shopping experience

Hi Everyone, we’re already at the end of the month… can you believe it!… meaning it’s salary time. Bwahahahaha

So today I would like to share a new store I have discovered recently thanks to other kbeauty lover.

Have you ever heard of Kultfinds?

Kultfinds is another kbeauty online store based in South Korea. They have just opened almost a month ago.

This is still a pretty new store so their product range is still quite small, but very interesting!

The ordering

One thing that  that made me want to try their services is because shipping is free starting 19.90USD!

Their store is also pretty easy to navigate, everything is nicely organized. Their main products are single sheet masks from brands less mainstream, but they also have products from Cosrx too!

You do need to create an account, as they now have a reward program. For every purchase, points are awarded, which can then be exchanged for discounts.

Once you want to buy something you just add it to your cart and confirm once you’re done.

Yes you can pay with PayPal! So this is a second reason why I was happy to place my order

Once you’ve placed your order, you can either go for the free shipping or pay extra for a tracking number. This means that there is no tracking code, but still shipped by regular mail.

And you get notification afterwards to confirm your order and when it’s ready to ship.


  • I placed my order on 11th April 2017
  • It was shipped on 12th April 2017
  • It arrived in Belgium , at my doorstep on 25th April

It took all in all 14 days to process and to me which is pretty good!

The package

I received my order in a sturdy box and I knew exactly who it was from!

Check out the customs leaflet : they do not mention the “real” amount. In my case I paid around 20$ and they only mention 10$. This definitely helps with customs, as they won’t check it since it’s below the amount of 22$.

You don’t know how much a despise Belgian customs, so I need to outsmart them and make sure I never buy more than 22$ outside of Europe…but it’s so hard.

When I opened the box, this is what you get.

The items are wrapped in paper with Kultfinds stickers to seal it. There was even an airbag at the bottom to protect the items.

Okay you might think that paper is not enough to protect the items but sheet mask are sturdy so I was not worried of anything broken.

The content

Here is what I purchased.

I bought a Huxley pouch with deluxe sample, Cosrx sample pouch and 4 masks. They gave a little sachet with Blithe samples and a Goodal sample.

What I most appreciated is this nice handwritten message… and they wrote my name correctly so THANK YOU!!!

How cute is this pouch from Cosrx!?! It only cost 3USD and you get a cute reusable pouch, Mr Cosrx stickers, a sheet mask and samples.

If they will restock this soon, I will definitely buy it again just for the stickers lol.

And the Huxley pouch, I must admit I was quite surprised by the tininess of these “deluxe” sample. See a 2€ coin in comparison and other deluxe sample from Etude House and even The body shop.

When you check the content it looks like a very big part of the product evaporated already TT__TT. This pouch cost 8$, quite pricy for such tiny samples. But for now this is the only Huxley product I can afford.


Kultfinds is definitely a great store. I really hope they will have success as I’m very satisfied with their services :

  • Shipping is free starting 19.90USD
  • PayPal payment is accepted
  • Samples are provided
  • Super nice handwritten message
  • Nice range of products available
  • Easy website to navigate
  • Fast processing of order
  • Customs value is not the actual value, so I have less chance of paying extra customs fees

If you’re looking for a place to “sponsor”, or a place to purchase single mask at an affordable price, Kultfinds is definitely a store for you.

And you should follow their IG account too.

Have you tried this store?

See you next time

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