San Francisco holiday : day 5

aaaaah I am so late, I really need to finish these holiday logs to give room for my next holiday 🙂

It’s almost the end of this summer holiday,  let’s finally walk around San Francisco!

We were finally going to spend time in San Francisco, the ride back was very tiring but we didn’t have much time to spare.

It was family time and getting to know the youngsters in the family…can I just share this pic? I thought it was super adorable… see my nephew’s/cousin’s toy ehehe

Anyway after having a big breakfast with everyone, we were back in the car heading to the city.

Fort Point

We visited Fort point, the sun was shining but super windy I was shivering at some point. The nice guide gave us a little history talk and explained that this fort was created to guard the city… you can still find the canon they had and check how people lived. It was quite fascinating.

If you go to the top of the fort, you can you can see Alcatraz and the whole of San Francisco.

The fort is such a great place to scare each other … and take pictures 🙂 We even stumbled upon people doing a photoshoot in one of the eerie halls.

You’ll also find the history of the golden gate, how it was created, how people lived during it’s creation.

This is definitely a nice place to visit if you want to learn a bit more about the city and it’s history… and the best part it’s free 🙂

After the  fort, we drove to the Palace of Fine Arts, which was close by and just took fun pictures. This place has been immortalized in some many movies and shows. 

 There were so many pigeons and other birds  that day, it just felt like I was back in Europe.

City Centre

After all the walking and picture taking, we started to get hungry and decided to go to Japantown and have lunch at Yamada’s Ramen.

I opted for a tori karaage bento with gyoza and takoyaki on the side… mmmh yummy. My parents were already stressing that they can’t eat with chopsticks and there we discovered our waiters were Filipinos ( yay kababayans), so people bonded and my parents immediately asked for forks and spoons.

The food was good and our stomach were now full and ready to go!

Now time to get serious, the shopaholic in me wanted to shop and we headed to Japan center. I found that they now have a couple of kbeauty stores now like The face shop and one called  KPOP beauty.

I didn’t find the prices that interesting, it was just like Ebay and sometimes a bit more expensive… plus they didn’t have the latest products so this time it was a pass for me. But I did go crazy at Daiso and bought mochis… which are now all gone TT__TT

After all the shopping, we then went to the famous Lombard street which is always full of tourist. But the weather was good so it didn’t matter, we just enjoyed the scenery and walked down the stairs to see the streets of San Fran.

We then headed to the tramway museum, where several of my relatives works so we got to see some things regular visitors do not see!

The tramway museum is actually pretty small but again you get to see the evolution of the trains and even see how the work on the cables, which is a very hard job. I only have admiration for the people who have to maintain these heavy cables.

If you want to visit this mini museum, it’s free so go there if you have the chance.

We only had a couple of hours left so we then headed to the port. The first stop was Ghirardelli Square, another SF institution.

The store was only chocolate goodness everywhere and they even give you a sample when you come in… oh yes  you found your way into my heart( and wallet) Ghirardelli. I was so hyper after buying chocolate, but who wouldn’t be right?

We walked around, bought some souvenir and headed to Fisherman’s Wharf.

When in Fisherman’s Wharf, you of course had to eat seafood. I wasn’t too hungry yet so we just ordered some fried calamari and other seafood and some clam chowder of course, I can’t go against the tradition.

The sun was setting and my family was getting tired so we then headed back home.

We spent the whole day visiting all the places that makes San Francisco unique, too bad we didn’t have time to see the colorful house. It’ll have to be for a next time.

Conclusion :

If you are in San Francisco and don’t have much time or money, you should definitely visit :

  • Fort Point
  • the tramway museum
  • the palace of Fine Arts

You also have to try clam chowder and their sour dough and Ghirardelli!!!

If you are like me and love Asian product, go visit Japan town, I’m sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye/stomach.

Oh and one last thing, you should wear comfy shoes for all the walking around in this wonderful city.

I can’t really say if public transportation is easy, but next time I want to experience the BART. When we were driving around, I sometimes felt it was like I’m in an amusement park with all the streets and their hills, it’s such an experience.

See you on the next post!

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