San Francisco holiday : the last day

My holiday was almost over but I still had one day left.

What did I do you ask, well let’s see.

Like every morning, we spent it with our family and pigged out on food together 🙂 It’s a tradition I guess.

The last of a holiday usually means shopping for things you want to bring back, which lead us to TARGET, Tar Jay for others.

You cannot go the US without visiting this store. I bought some snacks and drugstore products, but not too much since our luggages are only for 23kg.

Look at these cuties! I wouldn’t have cared if these were disgusting, I would have just kept the boxes. That chimp looks like it’s about to do a dance breakdown, I love it!

After  visiting this store, our uncle drove us to another very American thing to do, IN-N-OUT, oh yes, American burger from Cali! This is just super good.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this… and how I wish we had this available in Europe.

After that it was back to family bonding time and stuffing our faces moment. We ate and ate until we couldn’t digest anything anymore. As a last bonding moment, we went bowling. I’m not a good player, but at least I  wasn’t the worst player.

It was a sad night since we had to say goodbye, but I’m sure we would see each other quite soon.

Back home, we started packing/rechecking all of our belongings. We didn’t sleep much because of the problem UNITED/LUFTHANSA had created, by cancelling our tickets home. After several hours on the phone with customer service, we finally got our tickets back, THANK GOD… anyway the stressful night was over  and it was time to travel back home.

We arrived at the airport quite early to double check our tickets were still there. We were so relieved this was now in order, we could finally relax. We had breakfast at the airport and then we said goodbye to our family.

We were now in the queue to enter departure and this horrible supervisor started pushing us because we weren’t in the line “correctly” … but there were no barrier or even a cord to show where we were supposed to line up. That person definitely looked Filipino and it was as she was gloating at us because she talked with an “American” accent and has such an “important” role of bossing people around. I could definitely see that no one liked her and the people working with her didn’t care…urgh

Anyway we finally passed customs  and got on our flight back. There were issues with the sitting arrangement but no delays. We arrived in London and waited for a couple more hours.

We did a bit of duty free shopping and food shopping.

The end of our trip was near so we boarded our plane back to Brussels without a glitch this time…


Back to reality

My holidays were over and spent all of my money so it’s time to earn more now, for the next trip LOL!

This trip was pretty tiring as we barely slept but we always tried to do and eat as much as possible everyday.

I definitely want to go to California again and visit more things and try more food. Next time, I hope I’ll have more time as well so I can be more relaxed and actually sleep.

I don’t think I spent too much, and was quite reasonable, you want to see my haul?

Here it is :

  • clothes and shoes bought from outlet stores and a souvenir shirt
  • a TEAVANA set and more Tsum Tsum to be added to my collection
  • my Daiso haul
  • a reasonable amount of beauty products, really I behaved here see
  • lots and lots of snacks and sweets


Hope you enjoyed these holiday logs and it makes you want to travel, eat, shop.

See you next time!


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