Review Kin Girls raspberry extract invisible face mask

Hey everyone,

Long time no review but I’m back!

This time I’m here to share my experience with Kin Girls raspberry extract invisible face mask.

I was lucky enough to receive these Kin Girls mask for review purposes from Beautibi.

Here is the first one!

This mask is from a  brand called Kin Girls, a Taiwanese brand. I have never heard of this brand before but the packaging is really sweet.

It’s in the shape of a macaron. I received this is this cute envelop set along with another mask as a mini notepad.

What is there not to love?

The packaging

This mask comes in this cute fushia pink shaped aluminium envelop.

On the front you have the name of the product in English.

On the back you have the explanation of the product in English, along with illustration showing how to use the product. Sorry this was hard to take a picture of.

You’ll notice that they also mention the manufacture date and expiration date. No need to worry until when the product loses it’s freshness ☺

The mask

Once I opened the mask, I was nicely surprised that this was not scented. I thought it would have a sweet scent because it’s raspberry. I’m glad it’s not scented.

You’ll see that this is a 2 part mask, it has a plastic backing the sheetmask itself which is quite common for Tawainese masks.

The sheetmask itself is quite thin and quite easy to apply on the face. I also liked that I pulled on it on the side to cover my fave and it didn’t tear. The mask despite being thin is quite sturdy!

When I removed the mask from the pack, I saw that a lot of the essence was still there. I applied it on top of the mask.

The mask holes for the nose, eyes and mouth is comfortably placed. I didn’t have any issues and it stayed nicely on my face.

The mask is soaked with the essence. I left it on my face for around 15 minutes and it didn’t dry out and did not move from my face.

You can easily walk around with this mask on your face. It kinda looks like a second skin too!

The result

After removing the mask, my face was soaked with the remaining essence. I massaged the remaining essence abd it took around 20 minutes for the essence to be completely absorbed by my face.

At first I thought it would leave me with this oily film,  because it had this shine to it. But I was surprised that my face was not sticky at all. It felt quite soft too.

My skin looked brighter and moisturized. I’m really happy of the results of this mask.

Yes this picture is not filtered at all!

When you check the info from Beautibi, you’ll see that they mention this brand only uses natural essences, essential oils and is  paraben free!


I am definitely very happy with my first encounter with this brand.

Kin Girls has a very nice and sweet design. The mask itself is quite nice :

  • Not scented
  • It’s a very thin and confortable mask
  • It’s soaked with essence
  • Make my skin soft and bright
  • Does not leave your skin oily
  • The holes for the eyes, nose and mouth are nicely placed
  • All the explanation of the product is in English
  • I have combi/oily skin and this did not make my skin oilier. I did not have any bad reaction to this mask.

Kin Girl is not that known yet, but I’m sure it will get more love as the mask is really nice to use!

Thank you Beautibi for organizing this event to let people try these new masks. I will share my experience with 3 more mask!

Surprise Beautibi created a coupon for the occasion, so if you use “RINSOO15” you can get a 15% off any order so happy shopping!

See you soon!

Note :this mask was sent to me in exchange of my honest opinion. No compensation was involved. This is my honest review of my experience with the product.

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