Unboxing my first Stylekorean order

Shopping online, one of my favorite past time, I can’t deny it.

I finally had an excuse to try out Stylekorean and here is my experience.

I have created an account a long time ago, but never purchased anything because their shipping fees is definitely not cheap.

But then they had this offer on a Heimish palette which only cost 14.99USD. So I checked the shipping fee and the cheapest was 5 USD. If I were to buy the palette, it would cost me 20 USD, fair enough! This palette is at least 25 USD on Ebay and Jolse.

I was saving at least 8-10 USD compared to other store and decided to finally place my first order.

Stylekorean’s website is quite easy to navigate. You need to create an account then just add items to you cart. Once you’re ready, you can confirm and place your order.

They accept Paypal so I had no issues with payment. Shipping is by registered mail, so not issues of losing your order.

Stylekorean doesn’t send that many notification, I only received one confirming my order was recorded and that was it.

After a couple of weeks, it was here!

My order

I placed my order on 10th April and it arrived on 25th April so shipping speed was alright.

My order arrived in a sturdy box so no worries for my item being damaged during transportation.

You’ll see that “Stylekorean” is mentioned on the front sticker so you’ll able to identify the sender easily. On the custom sheet they mentioned the actual amount I had paid for the item. Well I paid 14.99$, but they mentioned 14$ and marked it as “gift”.

I’m thinking if I buy for 25$, they will mention 25$ on the box… meaning that Customs would then check the order and make me pay 21% of 25$+15EUR for paperworks.

Once opened, my item was securely packed with bubble wrap.

After removing the protection this was the content :

  • a Stylekorean sticker
  • 2 samples
  • the Heimish palette
  • an invoice

I was honestly disappointed by how stingy they were with their sample, and was thinking how Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Bbcosmetics, Cosmetic-love or even some Ebay sellers were super generous with their samples… and shipping is free…


I don’t think I will be buying from their store regularly because even though they might have good deals on items, their shipping can be quite expensive.

They also do not provide that many samples which I find sad.

Not many notification are sent out to provide an update on your order.

They also mention the actual  paid amount for the order, so to me it means I can’t buy for more than 21$ or I’ll be charged customs fees.

I did like that fact that a Stylekorean sticker came with the order, but that’s it.

This was definitely a one time good offer, as for once it was cheaper to get the Heimish palette from them.

I would still recommend you to at least register so that you can receive their special offer, but you can definitely find cheaper and more generous stores than Stylekorean.

Have you tried Stylekorean, what did you think of them?

See you next time

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