Review Unik black snail restore serum

Hey everyone,

I have another serum for review for you all!

Today let me share my experience with Unik black snail restore serum.

A couple of weeks ago, unique4u/blueprint21 (on Ebay) was looking for bloggers to review this serum.

I applied and was lucky enough to receive one!

I had never heard of this brand  before but thought it must be good since it’s skincare based on snail extract.

It seems this is only sold on unique4u , so it might be this store own’s serum … I really don’t know… sorry 😑
The packaging

This serum comes in a black/grey white box.

You have the explanation of the product in Korean and the ingredients in English.

Once removed out of the box, the serum comes in a glass dropper bottle.

You have once again the explanation of the product in Korean on the bottle.

The only English explanation is the one found on the label where it says :

Black snail restore serum

Powerful skin restore, nourishing & lifting, whitening & wrinkle care

This serum can help to make skin restore and smooth with black snail extract water 70% and 5 black super food (black rice, black bean, black sesame, eggplant, sea tangle) extract.

It is also good to note that this bottle contains 50 ml so it can last you a couple of months, even if used day and night.

You can find the expiration date at the bottom on the bottle, so you clearly know until when you can keep it.

The serum

This serum is completely transparent and is more like viscous water.

You’ll also find that this serum is not scented, which is great.

See how it’s just “slipping” on my skin?

It’s also quite easy to spread out and apply on the skin and is nicely absorbed.

I have now been using this serum for 2 weeks and can say that I like it!

One thing I noticed was this helped in regenerating my skin faster. I had some breakouts on my cheek, while using this my pimples got smaller and less red, until it was gone.

This happened during my first week of use.

For wrinkles, I won’t be able to say if it works… since I don’t really have any yet.

I would also say this provides moisture to the skin, and it never made my skin oily!

I have incorporated this serum with my routine where I usually start with a first essence-> toner -> essence -> serum -> eye cream -> moisturizer.

I would usually use 3 drops on my face : one on each cheek and my forehead.

This never broke me out and did not react to any of my current beauty care.


Well I was pleasantly surprised!

  • Unik has created a good serum that is non scented, and easily absorbed by the skin.
  • I specially like it’s regenerative side, which helped me with my breakouts. And that it’s not scented!
  • Plus price wise this is quite reasonable. You can either buy it on unique4u for 16US$, or go on their Ebay account Blueprint21 where the bidding price is usually less than 9€…  it’s cheaper than on their site.

I would definitely recommend this serum for people looking for a serum that helps regenerate your skin faster  and that it’s not scented.

Thank you Unique4u, I had fun discovering another new brand!

See you next time!

Note : this serum was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest review  and did not receive any compensation for it

3 thoughts on “Review Unik black snail restore serum

  1. Now after your review I really want to try it. I’ve got quite a big problem with breakouts and PIE and I need something to help me dealing with this problem 🙂

  2. Hey there! Maybe give this one a go. You can always just buy the samples first and if you like it then you can gi and get the full size. To get it cheaper, I defo recommend you buying it from their ebay store and check their items on auction ☺

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