Review Miss O Unitouch makeup facial mask

Hey everyone,

It’s finally my last mask from Beautibi’s international mask review.

Today I bring you Miss O Uni Touch makeup facial mask.

Unitouch is a Taiwanese brand, but all the explanation on the package is in English!

Here is what the packaging looks like.

It has this cute made up winking face.

On the back you have the explanation of the product and how to use it.

This mask is the help you with your makeup, this is a primer makeup, to help you keep you makeup in place.

You use it after washing your face, apply the mask and you can then apply your makeup.
The mask

Like their other mask, when I opened it it had that lemon like scent again like those wipes for glasses.

You’ll also find that this mask has a plastic backing to help you apply the mask.

I usually find that plastic a bit annoying and just remove it and I place the mask on my face.

This mask is a very thin mask but does not lose shape easily. I like that I can pull on it and it didn’t tear. The holes for the mouth and eyes got a bit bigger, which made it more comfortable.

I also like that it felt like a second skin afterwards as I could walk around with the mask on!

The result

After 20 minutes, I removed the mask and it had that oily feel again. I massaged it and after around 30 minutes my face had absorbed the remaining essence.

I did not apply any makeup to actually test if it helped keep my makeup on.

Maybe that was a good thing, as my skin unfortunately reacted to this one.

After a while, after around 3-4 hours, I verified my face and found that my forehead was oilier and a bit sticky.

It also unfortunately broke me out, where some white bumps appear on the lower part on my face.

It really was too bad, as my experience with another Miss O mask was unlike this one.


Well I really do like the idea to use a mask before applying your mask, but this might be a bit too time consuming.

I think this mask can indeed be used to prep your face as it did have this powdery essence to it, that can give you a matte base.

But , yes , this mask gave me some pimples which is never welcome…

I would not recommend this mask because of the breakout, my skin reactedย  to this mask.

Thank you Beautibi for this opportunity, as I had a lot of fun trying these new masks.

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See you next time!

P.S : this mask was sent to me for review purposed. No compensation was received, this is my honest review


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