Review Benton Cacao moist and mild cream

Hey everyone!

Summer is here and it’s time to change our skincare routine to something more light!

This is the perfect reason to share my review of Benton’s newest product, their cacao moist and mild cream.

Last month, Benton had this special offer where they were looking for bloggers to review their newest cream. I was fortunate enough to be selected.

I must say I’ve never really had a good experience with their products. I thought this would be a good excuse to give them a second try.

If you are not familiar with Benton, this is a Korean brand who is cruelty free. Yes there are some Korean brands that clearly show this on their packages. You can find a cute rabbit with heart ears!

Benton’s most popular product is their snail bee line… but they also had a scandal with their contamination issues.

Since then, Benton has tried to keep their image clean and honest and closer to their loyal customer and new customers.

The packaging

This cream comes in a pink box with cacao beans drawing on the front. I’m not really sure why they decided to opt for pink, maybe to look cute.

You have the explanation of the product in English and Korean.

On top you have a silver sticker with a bar code, I guess to prove the authenticity of the product. You have another sticker to seal the box, to make sure it was not tampered with.

The cream itself comes in a pink tube with a white cap. To get the product, you just need to squeeze it out. The plastic is soft and you can easily squeeze the product out.

You’ll also find that instead of mentioning the expiry date, you have the date of production.

In my case the production date is 17-05-24. As per the box explanation, this then expires 24 months from manufactured date and 6 months after opening.

This tube contains 50 ml so it should last at least 2-3 months if used day and night.

It’s also a pretty handsized product so it’s easy to bring along with and it’s travel friendly. But you might mistake it with a handcream because of it’s shape.

The product

As per the packaging,

Benton’s cacao moist and mild cream is a lightweight cream with soft texture. Witb cacao extracts and hyaluronic acid, this cream provides moisture to skin. Various botanical extracts in the cream further help to keep skin smooth.

The skin benefits of this products are that :

  • It has a lightweight texture
  • It’s suitable for summer
  • It provides a moist finish
  • There is water-oil balance
  • It has a mild formula
  • This is suitable for all skin type

This is a gel like moisturizer that is white. It is not scented but you can smell this plastic candle like smell at first and this disappears after application.

After application, you can see this has a watery like texture that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Pat it dry and you can get rid of the dewy finish if you don’t like it.

My results

For this review I didn’t have much time to fully assess it since I only have 7 days after reception to share my review.

Let’s say this is more like a first impression review. I have been using this moisturizer for 3 days and my first impression is quite positive.

I should also mention that it’s unusually hot here in Belgium : the temparature has been between 15°c up to 30°c. Everyone is currently melting and just being sweaty almost 24/7. It’s even sometimes too hot to get sleep, it’s that hot!

For these 3 days I have been using this day and night.

You don’t really need much on your face, let’s say a pea size on each cheek and half a pea size for your forehead all the way down to your chin.

I didn’t have any bad reaction to this moisturizer, so no breakout or itchy skin!

I also liked that as per the the official description, this is indeed a lightweight moisturizer. It didn’t make my skin sticky or oily. It could also be because I swiped my sweat during the day and the oiliness was removed along with the sweat ☺

This cream, because of it’s consistency, is actually perfect for the hotter season, like what we have right now in Belgium.

When I apply this at night, in the morning I wake up with a nice soft skin.

I have a really positive image of this product. Let’s hope that after a couple of weeks, it stays like this!

I am very happy with this product. Finally a Benton product my skin agrees with!

  • I like that it’s very lightweight but still provided moisture to my skin
  • It did not make my skin oily or breakout
  • It’s not scented but it does have a bit of this plastic scent to it… yes my sense of smell is quite sensitive
  • This can give you the dewy look thanks to the cacao extract, if you like without looking greasy
  • Because of it’s gel like texture, this moisturizer will be much appreciated during hot days, during summer.

I will be continuing to use this cream until the temperature goes down.

Thank you Benton for sending me this product for review!

If you guys are looking for a light weight moisturizer, you should definitely give this one a go!

This is a new product so it’s not available yet on most online store, but you can get it from Benton’s webstore directly if you’re interested here.

Happy summer everyone.

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is an honest review where no compensation was received in exchange.


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