Review Benton Papaya-D sun cream

Hey everyone,

It’s getting really hot again and the sun is shining hard on Belgium right now.

Today let me share my review for Benton’s newest product, their Papaya-D sun cream!

Last month Benton had another great giveaway in return of a honest review for their newest product.

I was lucky enough to be picked for this new event!

Let’s see how this will work out!

The packaging

Let’s start with the packaging. This comes in a very simple white box with a touch of green.

It really has a simple design but you have all the necessary info on the box in English and Korean.

Once you open the box, you’ll see that the sun cream is in a white plastic tube. It has the same design as the box.

I do like the mirror like effect on the cap. This tube contains 50 ml.

On the box you’ll find that there is also a sticker to confirm the authenticity of the product. This tube comes in a simple squeeze like dispenser.

It is pretty handy and quite easy to squeeze the product out.

The product

Let’s talk about papaya a little shall we?

To me papaya has always been associated to getting “whiter” skin. My mom likes to use these orange bar soap on her face and body to have fairer skin. It’s a Filipino thing, or maybe even Asian โ˜บ.

So I immediately thought is this sun cream going to make my skin fairer?

As per Benton’s words :

Benton’s Papaya D-Sun Cream is Benton’s first ever suncream made up of physical & chemical sunscreen agents. Papaya D-Sun Cream is designed for daily use, to protect skin from everyday UVs. Reputably called “the fruit of the angles. Papaya contains various vitamins and nutrients that help keep skin moist and vibrant. Also, the suncream contains niacinamide and adenosine, which help to achieve a bright and smooth complexion.

Benton recommends this product for people:

  • Who have their skin exposed to various UVs
  • Dull skin lackings suppleness
  • Skin that wants a moist sunscreen
  • Skin that wants protection against both UVA and UVB rays
  • Skin that wants a sunscreen with a minimal white cast

What makes this suncream different is that this contains carica papaya fruit water at 55% ย and papaya seed oil. This will not only protect you from UVA and UVB, but it will also provide moisture to the skin.

This has apparently a light and moist texture as well.

My results

I have been using this sun cream for 3 days. I know it’s short but I can already say this :

  • This is scented, it has this lime citrus scent to it
  • This is a pasty cream but can be easily applied all over the face.
  • At first it is quite white but in the end I don’t find that this gives you a white cast at all.
  • I actually feel it gives my face a nice appearance and makes it look brighter.
  • It indeed provides moisture to the skin.
  • Unfortunately, this made my skin a bit sticky and oily around mid day. I had to use blotting paper to make my skin less shiny.

Here is a swatch on my hand.

It is a white pasty cream and can be easily spead on the skin.

After massaging it on the skin, here is what it looks like.

See how moist and dewy my hand look? Well it does the same effect on the face!


I would say this might be a bit too much for people with oily skin, but this should be great for people with normal to dry.

It is also perfect for people to get a moisturizing suncream and get that dewy look. I didn’t have a whitecast which is always great!

It might not be for people with sensitive nose though, because it’s citrus the scent kicks in pretty quickly but then it disappear quite easily.

Thank you Benton for sending me this product for review.

It might not be the best fit for my face but I can see myself using this sun cream when it’s not that warm anymore. I do like the finish it gives, well the first hours anyway.

See you next time!

Note:this item was sent to me for review purposes. No compensation was received. This is my honest opinion.


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