Review Olivarrier dual moist toning lotion

Hey guys,

So I’m back from my summer holidays and it’s time to get back to my review.

Today I would like to share my review of Olivarrier dual moist toning lotion.

A couple of weeks ago, Jolse was looking for bloggers to review this product from Olivarrier. I had never used a product from this brand so this was a great way to test it out.

Olivarrier a new Korean brand with a very simplistic but elegant image. The price of the product is mid range.

The packaging

This lotion comes in a white box.

It has English and Korean explanation of the product.

Unlike other brands, you need to break the box to find more details on the product.

Most of the additional info is in Korean but there is a precaution part where the explanation is in English. It basically says you need to stop using if you find and bad effect…

This comes in a plastic bottle containing 180ml of the product.

Just like the box, the bottle has a very simple but elegant design.

The product

As per the box, this is a lotion. By lotion, you should understand it Japanese style.

It is actually a toner but with a viscous feel.

On the instruction, it says this should be used after you wash your face.

As you can see this has a normal opening. You can easily apply it on a cotton pad/ball . On the bottle it will also mention the expiration date, you know exactly when to use it.

I have been using this lotion for the last week and feel this is a great moisturizing lotion/toner.

I feel it prepares my skin for the next step of my skincare. After applying this, I feel my face more plumped and moisturized. I also like that this makes my skin softer.

I did feel that this product might be a bit too rich for my skin this summer. This would be better during colder days, or at night when it’s okay to have a heavier routine.

This is not scented as well so this is great!


This is a great toner with wonderful moisturizing properties.

  • My skin did not react to it.
  • It makes my skin ready for the next skincare routine.
  • It also makes it softer and plump as it provides moisture to the skin.
  • This is not scented.
  • You can easily apply it onto the face with a cotton pad.

In conclusion, I’m really happy to have discovered this lotion. It reminds me a bit of Klairs supple toner, which is one of my fave moisturing toner.

Thank you Jolse for sending me this product. I am really enjoying it and will continue using it at night, when my skin needs heavier skincare product.

If you are looking for a moisturing toner, you can always try out this.

See you next time!
Note : this was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion. I didn’t get any compensation for this.


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