Review iUnik rose galactomyces essential toner

Hey everyone,

So here is another review for you all for another product I have just discovered recently.

It’s iUnik rose galactomyces essential toner.

This was sent to me for review from unique4u / blueprint21 on Ebay.

This is another product they have released under their own brank iunik.

I had previously received their serum and was pretty surprised it turned out so great!

This time they came out with a rose toner. I definitely have high expectations from this!

The packaging

This toner comes as it is. It had some extra plastic cover but that’s it.

It’s in a plastic bottle where you can directly see the product and how much is left.

You have the explanation of the product in Korean but also in English. Here is a close up.

As mentioned, this toner promises to provide moisture, to rebalance and soften skin thanks to the rose extract and galactomyces.

You are suppose to apply this on your face and neck after washing your face, where you can either apply with a cotton pad or with your fingers.

The product

This is a very watery toner so it’s quite easy to apply and be absorbed by your skin.

I should also mention that this has a simple opening and a few shakes is enough to hydrate your face and neck.

The expiration date can also be found at the bottom of the bottle.

As you would imagine this is scented and smells like roses.

But even though it smells like rose it’s not too overpowering and the scent fades away easily.

I would consider this as a dupe to Mamonde rose water but with a lower pricetag.

I have been using this toner for the past toner and find this is perfect to use in the morning as it’s quite fresh and easy for the skin to be absorbed. This definitely provides moisture and rebalance my skin after washing it.

I really enjoy using this in the morning as it’s really a no-fuss type of toner. My skin did not have any bad reaction so again, I am quite happy with this product.


I am again been converted to this brand!

This might still be unknown to a lot of people, but I’m sure it will be loved by many soon.

iUnik came out with another great product and perfect for people who likes easy routine.

It might not be for people with very sensitive nose, or for people who do not like rose scented skincare.

I think this toner could work on any skin type from dry to oily skin as it has quite a light feel to it but it provides moisture after washing your face.

If you want to get your hands on this nice and light toner, you can either get it from their ebay store under blueprint21 ( check their auctions for great deals) or go visit their online store under

Thank you again iUnik for this opportunity.

See you soon!

Note : this product was sent to me for review. This is my honest review where no compensation was received.

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