Review Etude House sleeping pack green tea

Hey everyone,

I have a new review for you all!

Today it’s for Etude House sleeping pack in green tea.

A couple of months ago, I received an email from Qdepot, a Korean online beauty store.

I honestly never heard of them so at first , I was thinking hum this may be a scam. But in the end, it wasn’t and they nicely offered me this product for review.

They had sent me this product in exchange of my honest review.

So let’s go go go !!!

The packaging

This product comes in a simple white box with a cute boba illustration.

This one is in green since it’s the green tea version. You have the explanation of the product in Korean and English.

What is great is that it clearly indicates on how to use this product!

Out of the box, the packaging is such a winner!

It’s a little bubble tea bottle with a spoon on the side.

On the bottom there are some brown thingies that look like taro balls!

Etude really knows how to present their products!

On top there is a sticker again  with the of the product and it seals the product and on the side, you have the spoon spatula to take the product out.

This contains 100mg so it’s not that little of a bottle.

The product

This is a sleeping pack with a gel like texture. This actually comes in 3 variants.

The green tea is to help with excess sebum and big pores.

First thing you’ll notice is that this is highly scented. It has this fresh scent to it, but I can’t really say it’s green tea. Maybe tea like yes, but I feel this is more like Nature Republic fresh scent of aloe vera.

So if you do not like highly scented skincare for your face, this is not for you.

The texture of this sleeping pack is a thick gel with those concentrated brown blobs.

I find this sleeping pack quite thick and sticky. Those brown “moisture ball” are a bit hard to mush properly. Once you apply it on your face you have these bits and pieces around your face.

The first time I have use it as per the instruction , and spread it all over my face… and I didn’t like it.

The sleeping pack was sticky and a mess to apply. I felt I had these pieces of unchewed boba on my face.

I had to sleep on my back to make sure I didn’t get the pack on my pillow.

And that’s how it looks like as well when you apply on your face…

The next morning, my face was shiny and still sticky… it just didn’t feel right. I washed it off and didn’t really see any good results.

A couple of days later, I have tried to apply just the gel like part of this pack. I made sure to apply a smaller amount, so thay my shin would absorb it better and not have a sticky face… but that failed too.

Granted it was a thinner layer so my face wasn’t as shiny as last time. It felt like my skin absorbed it better, but I was wrong. My face felt greasy and sticky so again I washed it off and my skin actually felt drier. Was that the result of the pack or my cleanser?


I did not like this product at all.

  • This is not the first sleeping pack I have used, but this is the first one I have not liked.
  • It was sticky from start to finish.
  • My skin did not really absorb any of it’s goodness.
  • The brown moisture ball were a big fail, as it’s messy and didn’t bring moisture.
  • The packaging and idea were great though, but the performance not so good.
  • I really like the smell of this product though. So if Etude came out with a handcream or cologne with this scent I would seriously think about it, but it’s a no no for my skincare.

Thank you Qdepot for sending me this product,  and let me share this review.

If you have purchased from Qdepot before, do share your experience with me!


Here is a small gift too 🙂
See you next time.

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest review and no compensationnwas received.


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