Review iUnik tea tree relief serum

Hello everyone!

Got another review to share with you all.

This time it’s another new release from iUnik , it’s their tea tree relief serum.

A couple of months ago, unique4u was again looking for bloggers to review this new serum and I was lucky enough to be chosen!

I really have been liking this brand as their products are very consistant! I have really high hopes on this serum.

The packaging

This serum comes in a simple white box with green accent, to reflect the tea tree.

On the box you have the explanation of the product in Korean, but the ingredients is also written in English.

When removed from the box, this is what it looks like.

If you’ve seen my previous review for another iUnik serum, you’ll see that they have updated the design.

The design is now more sleek and modern.

This serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to take the product out.

The design of the bottle is the same as the box.  You have the explanation of the product in Korean again. There is a one line explanation of the product in English though.

The serum

This serum is suppose to provide :

Powerful relief, natural moisturizing, soothing care, whitening and wrinkle care

As mentioned, this serum comes in a dropper.

The serum is very watery but it has a bit more consistency than the black serum.

The serum is a bit green too but it’s not scented, which is always good.

I have been using this serum for past 3 weeks and find that this serum does indeed provide moisture. I have been having these pimples on my cheek, but this serum didn’t really do much to it.

My pimple are still there, but I must say it never really got big or red, but doesn’t seem to go away.

I also find that this serum is a bit sticky and bit more visquous than the black serum.

I can’t really say if this helps with wrinkles since I don’t have this issue yet. For the whitening part, well it does brighten my complexion.

My face got tanned while I was on holiday, but this helped for my skin to not look dull.

I use 3 drops on my face and massage it : a drop on each cheek and my forehead  and it enough.

This serum is not immediately absorbed by the skin, it does take a minute for it to dry but after your skin is ready for the next stop.


I have been using this serum and can say this is an okay serum, but I still prefer the black serum though.

I still find that this this a good serum because :

  • It provides moisture
  • It’s not scented
  • Does brighten the skin
  • But this can take a minute before it’s absorbed and can be a bit sticky
  • It didn’t really help my pimple heal faster, but it didn’t make my pimple get worse either.

If you are looking for a serum to provide moisture, you should give this serum a go.

Thank you iUnik for giving me the opportunity to try out this serum.

If you wish to purchase this, you can either buy it from unique4u or on ebay and look for blueprint21.

See you next time!

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest review and did not receive any compensation.

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