Review Etude House eau de parfum love me forever

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not posting recently but here is a small review of a product I recently finished.


It’s Etude House eau de parfum love me forever.

As you may know Etude is quite knows for always coming out with cute makeup and skincare products.

But did you know they also have bodycare products like perfume?

This is a perfume I actually bought a long time ago, but only started using last winter.

To be honest this kinda looks like it was very much inspired from Jo malone…

The packaging

This perfume comes in this cute pink flowery box.

The explanation of the product is in Korean but some of the instruction is in English.


This is a small perfume in a bottle glass and contains 20 ml.


It has this alumnium cap and it’s a spray perfume.

The perfume

Because this is a perfume, and not an eau de toilette, a little goes a long way.


On the bottom of the bottle you’ll find the product date, not the expiration date by the way.

This little bottle lasted me 6 months. I didn’t use it everyday because I wanted variety, but still used it as least 3 times a week.

For the scent, I would say this is more of a fall/winter scent because it has this “warm” feel to it. It’s a flowery scent with a musky feel to it.


It is not overly sweet like vanilla, but it has that sweetness that can be too much if you don’t like perfume.

I found that the scent had a nice lasting power, it even lingered linger when applied to your clothes.


I’m glad I finished this perfume but I don’t think I would buy it again.

This is definitely something to be used when it’s colder outside, as the sceny would be too much in the summer.

I was amazed how long it lasted though.

I don’t remember how much I originally paid for this but it was definitely below 15€.

If you like strong warm scented perfume, this is definitely for you!


See you next time!

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