Review Dear Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask

Hello everyone!

Today I have an exclusive new product that will be released in the coming hours…


It’s Dear Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask!

Yes yes yes Wishtrend kindly offered to send me Klairs newest product for review before it’s official release!

When I saw this video I was just super excited to think I would one of the first people to try this!

Without further a do here is what I think of this product!

The packaging

This product comes in a white box with a holographic design, just like their vitamin c.


You have the explanation of the product in Korean and English.

The product itself comes in this glass jar like contained but it’s actually in sturdy plastic.


It has a screw top opening in this mirror like cap, which reminds us of the holographic design from the box.

What’s nice about this product is that it comes with a spatula so you don’t have to dip your fingers in the product.


At the bottom of the jar you can find the production date and expiration date. You know exactly how “fresh” your product is.


When you open the jar you’ll find an extra plastic lid to protect the product from any accidental leakage.

The product

First things first, what is this “freshly juiced vitamin e mask” all about?

When I first was contacted, I was informed that Klairs was coming out with a new mask so I didn’t really it would be the way it is.

I was like “wait that doesn’t look like a mask, that’s a moisturizer isn’t it?!?’. I was pretty confused.

Wishtrend provided more information :


[KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (90 ml)

The Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is a functional mask formulated with vitamin E – an antioxidant that works in synergy with vitamin C, that enhances the whitening and antioxidant properties of vitamin C products applied beforehand, and helps improve appearance of wrinkles with the help of adenosine. Can be used as a substitute for a gel moisturizer.

Main Ingredients: Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine

1) Vitamin E

– A major lipid-soluble antioxidant in the skin. It is found in most of the skin’s epidermis, dermis and stratum corneum, and protects against peroxide and pro-oxidants (prevents oxidation in cosmetics)

– The skin’s protective function will be weakened if Vitamin E levels are insufficient, allowing harmful foreign substances to invade and promote aging of the skin

– Prevents cell aging by keeping the cell membrane from lipid peroxidation

– Possesses skin softening properties, and soothes inflammation

– Protects skin against damage caused by sunlight

2) Niacinamide

– Reduces pigmentation by preventing melanin pigment from migrating to the epidermis

– Suppresses sebum secretion, and improves acne caused by oily skin

– Helps stabilize vitamin C, having enhanced effects when used with vitamin C

– Formulated with an adequate concentration of 2%, as it may induce burning when used at high concentration

3) Adenosine

Active ingredient prescribed in maximum dose, to serve the function of improving wrinkles

– Strengthens fibroblast proliferation in dermal layer, and promotes collagen synthesis

– Possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in wound healing and regeneration

– Effectively improves acne caused by oily skin

Main Functions: (1) Whitens skin, (2) Improves wrinkles, (3) Prevents aging

They also explained how to actually use this as well.

[KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

#VitaminEmask #VitaminCmateVitaminE #VitaminDuo

The KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is incorporated with vitamin E, which is well known as an excellent antioxidant. Did you know that Vitamin E is the ultimate skin care booster that not only delivers an excellent antioxidant power, but also has various effects in benefiting dry, sensitive, and aging skin? Feel the ultimate effect of vitamin E for yourself!

The KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is most effective when used with vitamin C. The two vitamins enhance the effectiveness of each other through the antioxidant network and protect the skin from active oxygen, preventing aging. In addition, vitamin E prevents vitamin C from being oxidized before being absorbed by the skin, intensifying the skin-improving effects of vitamin C.

An antioxidant network that protects the skin

What does the active oxygen caused by UV rays, stress, etc. do to our skin?

> Vitamin E becomes oxidized when active oxygen is lost by the primary defenses.

> Vitamin C reduces the level of oxidized vitamin E to its original state and reactivates it.

> The reduced vitamin E removes active oxygen again and prevents cell destruction and aging.

> Vitamin C has a powerful toning effect.

Vitamin coating for an extended hydration

Vitamin E is dissolved in oil, which provides a strong moisturizing power.

The pudding-like texture transforms into a rich essence when in contact with the skin, maintaining the moisture for at least 8 hours, even for dry skin.

#wake up hydrated #the mask for parched skin

Upgrade by mixing

#vitamin drop+vitamin mask #soothing cream+vitamin mask #the perfect DIY duo

What if you could enhance all the functions of the current skin care product that works for you simply by adding a vitamin mask? Mix the vitamin mask with your favorite skin care product and enjoy an upgraded version of additional brightening, wrinkle-repairing, and moisturizing with the antioxidant power.

*The mixing ratio can be adjusted freely depending on the skin type and desired texture of the product.

How to Use

After cleansing, use as a moisturizer.

Mix a small amount to an essence or cream and use as a sleeping pack when your skin feels extra dry.

Can be used day and night.


Vitamin E is an oil that is great for moisturizing.

: If your skin is usually not compatible with oils, use only after plenty of inquiries.

Start out by using only a small amount at first and find the amount that works for you.

: Due to the nature of vitamin E, the stickiness increases when a large amount is used.

The moisturizing effects increase when mixed with a cream or essence.

: Try mixing a tiny amount to products that lacked moisturizing power.


> Dry, combination skin. Skin losing elasticity & firmness. Dull, flaky skin.


– Vitamin E + niacinamide > excellent antioxidant and whitening effect, can immediately see the brightening and firming effect the next day (rapid effects)

– when used during the day, it can protect from sunlight and prevent skin damage

– maximum formulation limit of adenosine effective for wrinkle improvement and skin regeneration

– firm, hydrating finish with excellent adhesion

In short this can either be used as a night mask, or as a moisturizer and you can even mix it with essences and serum to make your own customized skincare.


Like all Klairs products, this has the signature herbal and fresh scent. I really got used to this scent and so this does not really bother me anymore.

This moisturizer/mask has this white pudding consistency, which reminded me of Etude House’s collagen cream.

This has this magical effect where it resorbs itself, if you make a dent in it it will “regenerate” itself and come back to it’s original state.

You can pretty much imagine that this product will take the shape of your face and stick to it.


When you apply this on your skin, it will first be a bit solid and a bit hard to break down, but afterwards you can easily apply it . The pudding like consistency will become watery!

You can feel how moisturizing it can be. This also does not leave a sticky finish which is always welcome. Do keep in mind that a little goes a long way with this mask/moisturizer.


The jar contains 90 ml so this will last you at least 3 months if you use it only during your night care routine.

My experience

I’ve only been using this product for a week, but I can say my experience is positive.

I like the scent of it : Klairs has this signature scent that when you smell it you know it’s a Klairs skincare product.

The product is quite easy to apply after you’re able to break it down and spread on your face.

It has this fresh feeling because of the watery consistency it turns into.


In the morning, I do notice that some part of my skin has become a bit sticky, like my forehead. But it’s not too bothersome, I just think it’s my skin “cleansing” itself, detoxing.

After I wash my face, I noticed that after using this “maskturizer” my face is brighter, and it only has been a week. I also feel the skin on my cheek bouncier which is great!

My skin is also less oilier, it feels like this is regulating the production of sebum on my face, specially my forehead.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this.


Now that I finished my ginseng serum, I will try to use this with my Klairs Vitamin C. These two are apparently the combi to use to have even brighter skin. Let’s try that combo and see the results.


Well I’m impressed and will definitely use this until the last scoop!

If you are looking to add a new product to your nightcare, why not try this “maskturizer”. Yes I just made up this word 🙂

You will be very much amuse by it’s texture, or annoyed if you like seeing dents in your skincare lol.

Starting this 22th September you can get your own Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask on Wishtrend

For it’s launch, Wishtrend has created 2 combos special offer :


Just as an extra deal, you can get 2 deluxe Klairs supple toner for free if you use “MINISEPTWISH” for any order!!!

And if you do not have an account with Wishtrend or never placed an order, you can also use my coupon to get an extra 5 USD off by entering “163864312”.

Thanks a lot Wishtrend for giving me a chance to test this product before it’s release! I’m sure a lot of people will love this!


Happy shopping everyone, if these deals don’t make you want to shop I don’t know what will :p

See you next time!

note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. No compensation was received in exchange. This is my honest review and experience of the product.

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