Review April skin turn-up color treatment

Hey guys,

How have you all been? Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year again!


Today I bring you a review with a hair treatment from April Skin, the turn up color treatment in pastel pink.

Last week was halloween so I thought it would be the perfect time to use it, in case my hair actually turns pink.

April Skin in another Korean brand. I think they are still quite small as I only saw this brand available in Lotte malls while I was in Seoul. You can find them on online store or even Ebay.

I have been a kpop fan for many many years now and I saw some pretty crazy hair color…

Remember Sehun’s rainbow hair? I actually really liked it but I would never do that to my hair.

The fear of bleaching my hair just to have funky color is too much for me. But it would be fun to dye my hair in a bright/pastel color one day.

Luckily there are hair dye specifically for Asian hair like Prettia from Kao which always works on my black Asian hair type.

So I was really curious about this hair treatment/hair dye.

This claims to care for your hair while giving it a temporary color. It will fade away after a couple of shampoo.

The packaging

This treatment comes in box in the color of the selected shade.


It has English and Korean explanation.


I bought this for around 9Eur on Ebay from a Korean reseller.

Inside the box it contains the treatment in this aluminium tube, like a paint tube.


It also contains plastic gloves and a cape.


You’ll also find that the expiration date is mentioned on the end of the tube.

How to use

This is quite a straightforward treatment.

This is to be used on clean hair so you need to shampoo your hair and keep your hair damp.


Then put the gloves on and the plastic cape to protect your skin.


Try to apply the treatment on your hair as evenly as possible. I used the whole tube and left it in for 30 minutes.


Once the time is up you just need to rinse your hair and let dry.

So did it work?

Well I felt my hair was lighter and easy to untangle.


My hair also smelled like a mixed of flower and sweets. Not my favorite kind of scent but it still smelled good.


This only lasted 2 days and my hair was back to normal.

As for the color… IT DIDN’T WORK not really a surprise but I thought there would at least be a hint of colour since it’s made for Asian hair.


This product does not work on Asian black hair, I think this would definitely work on Blond hair and maybe light brown hair but definitely not on black hair.


Would I recommend it?

No not at all, the treatment is alright and the color was a nice gimmick but it’s not for everyone. The color part didn’t work for me.

There are far better hair treatment out there for the same price, like the Ma cherie from shiseido.

Maybe I expected too much but I’m still glad I tried it out.

Let me know if you’ve tried this or can recommend any other hair treatment.

See you next time!

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