Unboxing YesStyle – Kbeauty order

Hey all,

I haven’t shared an unboxing in a while.

Today let me share an order I place from YesStyle.

YesStyle is a Hong Kong based online store, which is a sister company of Yesasia.

This previously only sold clothing items and other fashion accessories.

Since the kbeauty scene grew, they also now sell a lot of Asian beauty products. They have Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and other chinese brands.

They also now have an app where you can shop.

Do follow their instagram account as well as they announce special offer on there quite often.

I decided to try their services because they had the Heimish brown brick for only 17€ and so here we are.

Shopping on the app

As mentioned before I used to buy clothes from YesStyle and when I installed the app, I was super surprised that they still had my details.

I found that the last order I placed was back in 2008, that was almost 10 years ago!

Installing the app and navigating on it was quite easy.


Just select the category and browse away.

Once you found something you like, just add it in your cart. If you are ready to order, you can proceed and select your address and the shipping method.


One thing that has changed is now shipping is free starting 30€!

You do need to create an account before you can order.

A confirmation email will also be sent out to you once your order has been placed.

They accept Paypal payment which is always great!

Do note that the app can be a bit unstable and just load and load. When that happens you just need to be patient and try again.

My order

I placed my order via the app on 29/10/2017 and it was shipped out the next day.

I received it on 08/11/2017 : it only took 9 days to get my order. That was quick right?

I didn’t even select express shipping, just regular shipping. This is sent via registeres mail so you can follow it’s progress.

My order arrived in a plastic envelop.


What I find funny is that this order came from Germany even though the store is based in Hong Kong. It even had a small sticker on the side saying that DHL sent this, but it came via Belgian post…


On the side I found the customs sheet and it mentions I bought books and lense, which is not entirely true. It also mentions an amount of 23$, but I paid just a bit more than that…


Aftet I removed the plastic envelop, I found this box which was smooshed on one side.

Thankfully nothing seem to be broken.

When I opened my order: I found my invoice and all the items were securely wrapped in bubble pack.


Here is the content of my order :

  • Heimish brown brick palette
  • Peripera airy velvet tint
  • A necklace
  • Contact lenses in blue + free lens case


Unfortunately there are no samples provided. Samples are only give after a higher threshold is met.


Well I am quite happy of the service :

  • Item was sent out quickly and arrived in Belgium after two weeks.
  • The box doesn’t mentioned the real value and says it’s a completely different item.
  • The order does not seem to be from Hong Kong. Mine was apparently sent from Germany. This is good for me as it means there won’t be much / no changes from Customs since it’s from Europe.
  • Shipping method might not be too secure but I still received my items in order.
  • Shipping is free starting 30€ .
  • The order can be a mix of everything found on their site. It can be cosmetic products and clothes for example!
  • The range of available product is quite good, but they are not the cheapest. Depending on the current deals ,you can find some great deals so keep your eyes peeled.


All in all I am quite satisfied of this order and I will probably buy again from YesStyle.

Do visit their IG account for more updates about their current promotions.

See you soon!

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