Unboxing Kstylesbox : personalized sheet masks

Hey everyone!

November is ending meaning lots of black friday deals are available.

I would like to share with you a store I just discovered who specializes in offering sheet mask based on your concern!


Do you know Kstylesbox? Come let’s go.

A couple of weeks ago I was on IG and this account liked my post, it was called kstyles.beauty

I then found out it’s still quite a new store that offers sheet masks based on your needs,you also get some extra freebies like a pair of socks, candies and Korean drinks.

It’s not a subscription box, but a one time box where you can mention the type of concern you have and the lovely Sunny will select some masks for you.

And it’s all the way from South Korea, who doesn’t like packages from South Korea?

The store

If you want to check their offers you need to visit https://kstylesbox.com


You’ll find that they sell these special curated sheetmask box but you can also buy single masks. And socks as well!


There are different box offers but I decided to get the cheapest just to test it out.

Currently the minibox1 is at 7.99$ and shipping is free. This offer should be valid until 1st December. The original price of this box is 15$


With this box you get :

  • 4 sheetmasks
  • A pair of socks
  • Candies and a Korean beverage

You get an extra sheetmask if you order before 30th November.

Shopping on this site is also pretty easy. You do not need to create an account, you just add the item to you cart and then pay out with Paypal.


If you decide to get a box, you just need to mention the skin concern you have under “order notes” such as pore, hydration, anti-aging, brightening and Sunny will take care of you.

The site is still quite basic so Kstyles box will contact you afterwards to request for your phone number as they need it to send the lovely package.

My order

I placed my order on 11th November and it was sent out 2 days later. I received my order on 21st November.

This was sent by k-packet with a tracking number.

You receive a notification when you place your order and once it’s sent out.


It came in a sturdy box and you’ll see that on the customs form they mention the actual amount you paid.


The content

Can I just say I love small details, because I feel it that more care has been put into it.

On the box you’ll find this cute little sticker with the store’s name.


Once you open the box, the first thing I found was this nice handwritten message.


There is a small explanation of some of the products and a thank you all the way from Korea 💗

And under the note this is what I saw.


So many goodies wrapped in this paper full of golden hangul!

I could already spot the socks, teas and the candies.

Here are the 5 sheetmasks I received :

  • Mediheal h.d.p. pore-stamping black mask ex
  • Mamonde pore care flower essence mask
  • Beyond intensive ampoule hyaluronic acid
  • Make p:rem blending me moisturizing oil mask
  • Clacell babyface water shining repair mask


I had requested for pore and moisturizing and this is the selection I was given.

I was also given a Skin1004 zombie pack activator , 2 teas, one turquoise sock ( my fave color actually) and 4 candies.


That’s the full content of my box!


What can I say more… I really really like Kstylesbox!

This minibox selection is wonderful because it’s such a good deal. Even if you were in Korea you would not be able to buy 6 masks for 7~8000Won.

That would just be impossible because a Mamonde mask is already 1500 Won, and online around 3$, a pair of socks is usually 1000Won and if you add to it the shipping expenses, the worth is so much more than 7.99$!!!!

I checked the expiration dates on the mask and they all still have quite a long time before they go bad. No worries in fearing you’re getting expiring products!

Ok I’m sorry I’m not doing a sales speech here but this box is such a great bargain.

If you check the sheetmask they sell, they even have Shangpree, Dr Jart, A by bom to mention a few. Their prices are also quite affordable.

If you don’t like surprises, you can just buy sheetmasks.

But come on don’t you want to gamble a bit?


I also like the idea of giving candies and a beverage. I can imagine myself sheetmasking and sipping my tea while wearing the socks to keep my feet warm!

If you follow their instagram account you’ll see that they also post the orders they sent out.

I really cannot say anything bad about Kstylesbox.

Go go and try them out!

I already ordered a second box for my sister…

See you next time

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