Review Benton dear my best friend bar

Hey everyone,

Got another review to share with you all.


This time it’s for Benton newest product, the my BFF bar soap for body & face.

Let’s get this started!

A couple of weeks ago, Benton was looking for reviewers for their newest product and I was one of the lucky reviewers.

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#DearMyBestFriendBar Testers Wanted! . <<The Testers Announced. Please check your email inbox 😊>> . Test Benton’s prelaunch product, review on SNS, and get $50 Benton products! . To find out more, visit : . Mission 1. Leave a comment on the new product below and visit the event page on Benton website. – Apply by : 30th October (KST: Korean Standard Time) (100 Testers will be selected) . Mission 2. Post a review on SNS. 20 testers who post a before & after photo review will be selected and receive Benton products worth $50. – Review by : 6th December (KST) . ** Please note we do not resend the parcel in case it returns from the customs or when unclaimed. Any cost that might occur at the customs is not borne by Benton. . #benton #bentoncosmetic #BFbar #NaturalSoap #BF #bodyandface #bestfriend #beautytester #kbeauty

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This new soap bar is apparently even good for sensitive skin, to leave it clean without any bad reaction.

The packaging

The packaging of this soap is quite nice. It makes it look like an envelop, or even perfect as a gift.


You have the explanation of the product in English, but also in Korean


Once you remove it from the box this is what you’ll find.


The soap is packed in plastic with the same explanation on the box.

This also comes with a foaming net to help you lather and foam.


You are supposed to keep the soap dry after use, so you can use the net and hang it up

My experience

I first tried this on my face and it was quite easy to lather.


After cleansing my face, it dried it up, see the dry patches between my mouth and cheek!

No I did not like it at all.


Then I decided to try it on my body. As soon as you apply the foam and cleanse you’ll find your skin kind of lost it’s natural oil, as your hand will not glide on your skin. It’s like your hand has brakes and it just doesn’t feel soft.

I stopped using this on my face and body and just use it for my hands.


I have been using this for two weeks and even my dad, who LOVES bar soap did not like this at all… And that says a lot.


Unfortunately, this product is not for me.

The only difference I see after using this is that this made my skin dry and too squeeky clean.


I did like the smell of this soap, to me it reminds me of tea and that this comes with a net.

Apart from that, my skin did not like this at all.

Thank you Benton for sending me this soap, but I couldn’t get passed the dry feeling it left.

See you next time.

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion based on my experience.

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