Momobox : first Belgian Japanese box subscription

Hi everyone,

Happy new year!

Sorry if I went mia during December but now I am back so expect more reviews this month.


First let me share this Japanese snack and candy box from Belgium.

Momobox is a upcoming Japanese subscription snack box based in Belgium.

Most of the Japanese snack box I’ve seen are usually from the US or Japan. None were from Europe. Once they launch this would be great as shipping would be cheaper and no customs issues!

This has not launched yet but they have been giving away prototypes of their boxes to convention and giveaways on their facebook.

If you visit their site , you can already subscribe to their newsletter to know when they will launch.


Back in December I was lucky enough to win one of their prototype box.

Do you want to see the content?

The box

First of all you’ll see that Momobox has a mascot and it’s their cat Momo!

You’ll find this cute kitty face all around their facebox and of course on their box.


The cat drawing does still look “homemade” so I guess this can always be improved in time when they finally launch.

When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised how full the box was.


There was a leaflet inside the box that explains how you are suppose to prepare the pudding and more adds about the company.


I’m thinking there will be a pamphlet that explains each product as soon as the actual box is released.

Here is the full content of the box where it contained 10 items!


Here I separated them into types and the box contains candies, crisps, biscuits and a pudding.

I had already tried some of the products before such as the Umaibo, Pocky and Milky candy.

All the other products are a discovery for me!


I was suprised to see that more than half of the products are full size products, meaning this is the actual package when you buy it at the Japanese store. I would say this box is worth around 10~15€ if you were to buy the products separately.

I don’t know how this will be priced when this is will launched but this should be the price range.


I think this box is a really nice idea and I can only wish success to this new business.

There are still many Japan lovers here in Belgium, whether it be because of anime, manga, travelling , or food so I’m sure they will find a market here.

My suggestion for this box is to maybe add a drink like Ramune, or something with green tea as green tea matcha is everywhere in Japan.

Thank you again for sending me this box full of deliciousness!

Do visit Momobox’s FB and sign up to their newsletter if you’re from Belgium 🙂

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