Review Dear Klairs supple preparation unscented toner

Hi Everyone,

It’s already April and it should be spring… But the cold still lingers here. Hope the weather is nice wherever you are!


Here’s my latest review, it’s Dear Klairs supple preparation unscented toner.

A couple of weeks ago, Wishtrend was looking for people to review the latest Klairs product, and it’s a new version of their toner but in an unscented version.

I immediately applied since I love their toner! I had discovered this toner two years ago and now I always have a bottle in reserve.

Let’s see how the new version will do!

The packaging

Just like the original version, this toner comes in a cardboard box.


You can find the explanation of the product in English and Korean.


You’ll also find that this is sealed on top with a sticker.

The toner itself comes in a transparent bottle this time.

You have once again the explanation of the product in English and Korean.


At the bottom of the bottle is where you’ll find the manufacturing date and expiration date. You know exactly how “fresh” your product is.


If you compare the design of the original and new version of the toner, you’ll see they stuck to the same the design but just inverted the colour which is pretty neat. It’s a change but still has that familiar look : simple and straight to the point.

The product

My first impression was “wow this looks like glue!”. The more you shake the bottle the more bubbles it formed.

I was so used to the brown bottle that I never really paid attention to the toner before it dropped on my hand.


I must say I do like the way the original toner smelled like, it’s just that trademark scent of flower and herbs to me.

So when I first used the new version of the toner, I felt this smelled like plastic… and even a bit like glue that you used to use in elementary who also had the same consistency.

But after applying the scent dissipates and your skin feels smooth.


You’ll find that this unscented version is actually more watery than the original version, despite it being so bubbly in the bottle.

I also feel this one is much quickly absorbed by the skin. You can be very generous with this toner if you want, or you can even use this to do the 7 layers of toners technique.

I did a moisture test on my face after washing it and this toner actually more than doubled the moisture level of my skin!


I have been using this toner for 2 weeks day and night and did not have any bad reaction to it. It did not react to any of the other products I used in my routine.

3 to 5 drops is good for the whole face and neck if you want.

It will leave your skin feeling soft and plump and ready for the next step of your skincare routine.


This new version is definitely a winner as well.

It still has that jelly like texture, but it’s much more watery when applied on the skin.

This can be good for any skin type and I find this can be very refreshing to use during the warmer days, in summer.


If you don’t like scented skincare products, you should definitely give this one a go.

This bottle contains 180ml so this should last you at least 3 months.

You can find this on Wishtrend at 21.99 USD.

If you don’t have an account on Wishtrend, you can use my 5USD coupon “163864312” for your first order, or you can use the following code to get 5% off your order by applying “wishspring” this month of April.

Thank you Wishtrend for sending me this toner.

See you on the next review.

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion, no compensation was received to write this post.

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