Review chateau labiotte wine perfume bar ~ flomance

Hello everyone,

May has come and people are starting to get ready for holidays.


Let me share a review for Labiotte’s perfume bar.

Yes May has arrived, it’s finally spring. The weather is getting warmer as well!

Today let me share my experience with Labiotte’s perfume bar in Flomance

This product actually came out last year, but I didn’t really see this much anywhere.

I had bought mine on Ebay, on auction. This had cost me less than 10USD, and it’s usually on sale for around 12 USD.

The packaging

This perfume bar comes in box with this wine bottle embossed design.


The design is quite simple, quite pure since it’s all white.

You have a description of the product, but it’s all in Korean.

You only have a small part in English explaining this product’s main ingredient is roses.

Once removed from the box, this is what it looks like : a white wine bottle shape perfume bar.


There isn’t much explanation on the product itself. Just the name is mentioned in English and Korean. It follows the same desig. As their liptints and lipsticks. I think this is a really great design.

It’s pretty handy and easy to use when travelling around. You can easily recognize the Labiotte signature design.

The product

As mentioned, this is a perfume bar.

To open this, you just need to remove the cap on top and you’ll find the perfume bar is white, buy clear when you rub it on your skin.


The expiration date can be foun at the bottom of the product.

There are actually four scent, I have the Flomance scent.

The main scent is rose, so this is a very flowery and powdery scent. It has that warm feeling, but fresh enough even for spring.

The scent is not too overpowering or sweet which I like.

I had used this perfume with me while I was in Japan. I was glad to see this bat doesn’t melt easily but spreads easily on the skin.

This scent lasted a couple of hours during that super hot summer( it was always between 27~30°c last July). I sweated a lot.

I think this could last longer if the weather is not too warm.


My skin did not react to this as well, no redness or pimples, or itchiness.

If you don’t like rose scented product, this might not be for you. You might say this smells like bathroom deodorant…


Travel wise this is a great product. The size is just perfect, and very travel friendly. You need to lift the cap to open it, so it won’t open accidentally in your pouch. Since this is a bar, it also won’t leak during your travel.

This Flomance scent is a very feminine and classic scent, so if you prefer more fresh and cool or even sweet scent this won’t be for you. Labiotte did come out with 4 different scent, so you might find a scent that works best for you.


All in all I have enjoyed using this while travelling.

The staying power is quite decent, and the pricing for this product is quite fair as well.

The scent worked well with my skin. If you are looking for a classic scent, with a very handy design, why not try this product!

See you next time.

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