Review Pleasia basic care natural mint toothpaste

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Today I’m sharing my experience with Pleasia tooth paste in natural mint,basic care.

I discovered this brand thanks to Wanna One as they are the current brand model.

Yes this was a fangirl biased purchase, but a very good purchase.

At the beginning of the year special sets of 6 toothpaste were sold for around 17 000 Won, which makes it less than 3000 Won per tube.

The regular price is 4000Won.

The packaging

I had purchased this toothpaste in a special set, but these can be purchase by the unit.


The packaging is quite clear and the information well structured.


The explanation of the product is written in Korean, but you also have basic English for a quick understanding of the product.

Yes toothpaste is a product easily found everywhere, you would think you don’t need it to be this detailed.

With Pleasia you’ll find that each flavour has their own specific “job” so if you are looking for a toothpaste that is more for gum care, breath or just for basic care,you’ll be sure to find one from this brand.


They even provide more details on what to expect on the taste : you’ll find the level of sweetness, saltiness and even the cooling sensation it provides.

All these “extra” information already makes Pleasia stand out from any toothpaste I have ever tried.

Each tube contains 100 ml,with an easy screw top opening.

The tube is very soft and it’s easy to squeeze out the paste.

The toothpaste

Let’s talk about the toothpaste itself.

As per the title this is the review for the “Basic care – natural mint”. The other flavor might be different.


I have been using this toothpaste for a month now and this is how the tube looks like now.

The packaging of the toothpaste is the same as the box. It’s the same writing on both sides.

The toothpaste has a clear gel like texture. This actually feels nice on the teeth. It didn’t feel cold the first time it touched my teeth. It just glides on.

The taste is minty but a bit sweet, so the aftertaste is not too strong.

While using this toothpaste, this did not make my teeth sensitive too.

This also does not foam a lot, which is great so you can really clean your teeth and will not want to spit immediately.

I also like the feel of my mouth afterwards as it does not leave me with a very strong minty taste or a bitter aftertaste, that distorts my bud taste if I were to drink and eat a couple of minutes later.

This also does not have a grainy feel, like other Korean toothpaste, which makes this toothpaste really nice.


I have been using this toothpaste for a month and I am very satisfied with it.

This did not make my breath smell bad, it has a nice sweet like minty taste.


I actually feel very excited to try out the other flavors and try out their benefits.

Pleasia is a very well thought product, in making an everyday product feel so elaborate and special. Do you know of another brand can make you feel excited and have a hard time deciding on which toothpaste to use?

I used to use Colgate before, but find this foams too much, the mint taste is pretty strong but also gives me bad breath after.

I also used Signal but this made my teeth sensitive.

I then switched to Elmex which I find is great : this helped me a lot in not having sensitive teeth anymore, this does not foam a lot as well but then there is only two types ( normal & sensitive) but the taste is quite boring.

Pleasia has all these benefits and more thanks to the different taste you can chose from.

Brushing your teeth with Pleasia makes it fun again like when you were a child being excited to use that “bubble gum” or glittery star shaped toothpaste, since you can switch up taste when you get bored with just your regular toothpaste.

Really cannot wait to try out the other taste, but I’m also sad that I’m almost done with one tube.

Have you tried Pleasia or any other flavor? Do you have a preferred toothpaste?

See you next time 😉

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