Review Son & Park beauty water

It’s August and we’re already mid summer, and it’s freakishly hot this year… It’s really making me lazy to do anything…

But let me share this review for a product I’m currently using.

It’s Son&Park beauty water!


A couple of years ago, so many kbeauty lovers were raving about this cleansing water.

Cleansing water was the latest trend. Son&Park was definitely the Korean brand that started it all.

It was pretty hard to find at the time and quite expensive too.

Back in 2016, I visited Hong Kong and found the Beauty for 20€ so I was quite happy and finally got a bottle.

Because I’m such a hoarder I only started using it recently…since I kinda forgot about it, and because it’s going to expire this year 😑

Son&Park is a Korean brand that was started by 2 Korean make up artist. Up to this day, this cleansing water is definitely what they are most known for.

When I first found out about this product, I actually was a bit scared because I was reading a webtoon called “Beauty water”.. if you read it you will be a bit freaked out but the story is soo good. Here’s the link if interested.

Anyway let’s get back to the actual and real product called Beauty water.

The packaging

The product comes in a white and simple box.


The explanation of the product can be found in English and Korea . On mine it had a sticker in Chinese since I had bought it in Hong Kong.

For more details, here are some more info.




Once you remove it from the box, you get this rectangular bottle with the same simple design.


This contains 340 ml which is a bit unusual and should last you for a couple of months.

I should also mention that another way to check if your box is authentic, you should also find this holographic sticker.


If you buy it online from stores like Yesstyle, Stylekorean or Testerkorea there shouldn’t be any issues with authenticity.

On the bottom of the bottle, you’ll find the expiration date. This should be used within 12 months after opening.


The product

This beauty water is a cleansing water.

So what is a cleansing water? It’s a cleanser than can be used anytime, that should remove your makeup easily or cleanse your face without washing it with water.


The texture of this cleansing water is just like water. It’s really easy to use, you apply it on a cotton pad, wipe it all over your face and neck and you are done.

At night I usually wash my face with a foam cleanser since I apply sunscreen , then I use this cleansing water.

I am honestly surprised as my cotton pad still is a bit brown and it still is able to remove dirt afterwards.

What I also like is after using this, my face feels soft and there is no stickiness.

This is scented, but I don’t find it too strong. The scent smells quite fresh and herbal. If you like scented products like Klairs toner, you should like this one too but it’s not as strong.


The opening is a simple hole dispenser, one shake or two is enough to cleanse your skin.

After cleansing my face with this, I continue with my routine with my toner. Whenever I feel lazy ( or when it’s really super warm) I just stop here. Why? Because I like the feel of my skin. I also feel this provide moisture to my face. When I wake up, my face does not feel dry and is still smooth.


I definitely understand why so many people loved/love/obsess about this cleansing water.

Son&Park might not have another star product like this, but this is definitely a holy grail kind of product. Even my sister tried it and she immediately fell for it’s promises.

This is such an easy product to use, it’s straightforward and gives you immediate results.

For all you no fuss skincare lovers, this one is for you and for those who have never tried a cleasing water, this is definitely a must try!

You can even find smaller bottle of this, if you are not ready to commit to a full size.

I have been using my cleansing water for almost 2 months and used about 1/3 of the bottle. One bottle of 340 ml should last around 6 months if you use it once a day.

Happy I took the step and fell for this product and even happier that the result weren’t like the webtoon… Lolz

See you on the next review?

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