Review Lens Town Aloha Candy contact lense in gray

Hi everyone,

Today I will be sharing a review for contact lenses. Yeap contact lenses, that can drastically change your look.


Let’s check out Lens Town Aloha Candy contact lenses in gray

A couple of weeks ago, Kosmeshop was looking for reviewer to try out these contact lenses. I was one of the lucky ones.


I usually wear contact lenses on holiday, or when I used to do sports, but they were always clear coloured.

I had previously tried Geo contact lenses, but they didn’t feel thay comfy and they were the type to make you have manga eyes. It didn’t really look natural and were a bit of a pain.

I was pretty excited to try these.

I also opted for coloured contact lenses with a dioptre. This was an extra test to see if they could pass the mark.

The packaging

I’m honestly not that knowledgeable about Korean contact lenses, but I did find that Lens Town is a pretty reputable brand as they have collab collections with Pony, Monsta X and other kpop idol bands.

If it’s good enough for Pony then these should be fine.

I received these contact lenses in two separate glasse vials. They were sealed on top with plastic and a metal aluminium sheet. It was pretty hard to open, but with the help of pliers, I got it open.


It didn’t come in a box, but maybe because this was sent for review purposes. This might come in a box if you do buy them in store.

There isn’t much explanation of the product, but the seller did give a pair contact lenses container.


From the water, you could already see the contact lenses which looked pretty thin.

The colour

As per the package this pair is gray.


It’s gray with a touch of yellow. What I did appreciate about these is the size of the coloured part is “normal”. These won’t give you the manga eyes, with a bigger iris. It can look pretty natural.

These contact lenses were pretty easy to wear. They are not too thick and sits nicely on the eye.

Once on, I sometimes forgot I was wearing them.


After a couple of hours, my eye did start to get dry. I would say you can comfortably wear them for around 5~6 hours. After that your eye do get dry and you start blinking a bit more and just want to close your eyes.

The first time I wore these contact, I was a bit shocked of the results and didn’t recognize myself. Just changing the colour of your eyes can change your look so much.

At first I thought I looked like a cat, then a fairy or even a werewolf. But with makeup, it looked pretty good.

The colour of your eyes also changes with indoor and outdoor lighting.


Indoor lighting makes it look pretty natural,and darker.

Outdoor, it’s different and people can question your origins. Hehehe.


I did have fun playing around with these contact lenses. And the dioptre on the lenses worked perfectly. I could see and read just like when I’m wearing my glasses.


Well I am pretty happy with these contact lenses.

They are pretty comfy for around 5-6 hours, no red eyes afterwards.

If you want to change your look, or want to get that idol look, why not try these contact lenses?


These Lens Town contact lenses are priced at less than 10 USD, which is pretty fair. You can get them here from Kosmeshop.

These are monthly contact lenses, so once opened you can use them for a month. Please do make sure you keep them in a clean container, for hygienic reasons.

Thank you Kosmeshop for giving me the chance to try these on.

Have you tried coloured contact lenses? Do you have a favourite colour or brand?

See you next time!

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