Facial cleanser reviews

Hey all,

It’s been a while, didn’t really feel like sharing reviews as I got obsessed with a new hobby 😁

But I’m back and this is a different type of post. I’ll be sharing my experience with several facial cleansers I’ve used these last months.


It’ll be short since these are quite straight to the point kind of products.

Let’s clean up!

I’ll be reviewing 4 different cleansers in this post.

Nooni snowflake whipping cleanser


This first one is a travel version, good for a week and a bit more.

It’s from the Korean brand Nooni which I think is sold by Memebox in Korea.

This has a thick creamy and very consistent texture.

Once you lather it up, it does mousse up a lot. This feels nice on the skin and leave it soft. I didn’t notice any dryness around my mouth. It doesn’t remove the oil of your skin afterwards, so no feeling of tighteness after.

This is a good cleanser, it also has a nice scent to it.

I think you are suppose to use it with a net to bubble this one up, but it bubbled up pretty quickly without as well.

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser


This time I tried Cetaphil, this is my first time using this brand.

I discovered this while I was in Canada, my cousin recommended it to me.

This is a deluxe travel size, as this cleanser can be used for the body and face.

It took around a month to finish this, as I only used it on my face.

This has more of a milky glazed texture to it. It is not scented.

Unlike many cleanser this doesn’t really lather, there is no bubbly effect.

You can feel it on your face as there is this sort of film that is created when applied. I felt it much more on my lips, as it felt a bit “heavy” and oily. It was a bit strange. But the outcome was nice. I do need to clean my lips more to get rid of the heavy feel.

On my face, it left my skin kind of “neutral” : it’s not softer but I do feel it cleansed and no dryness as well. This did not break me out!

Holika Holika lazy &easy all kill cleanser


Hey it’s back to another Korean brand, Holika Holika.

This is a special collab product with Gudetama, the lazy egg!

First of all yes I confess I did buy it for Gudetama, and because I was curious about this oil cleanser that turns into mousse.

This has a pump dispenser so a pump and a half is what you need to cleanse your face and neck.

The texture is more like an oily gel, and has a bit of a melted plastic scent to it.

You apply this on your dry skin and massage it to remove the dirt away. Then you can wet your hands and rub your face. The oily film will turn into a white mousse when in contact with water. You can continue cleaning your face and wash it off with water.

As much as I love Gudetama, and the idea, this didn’t really sit well with my skin.

My skin felt itchy and broke me out a bit. I tried using it again and it still felt itchy but didn’t break me out each time.

I probably won’t finish this one, too bad this didn’t work with my skin.

Kose Softymo hyaluronic acid cleansing bubble wash


As you probably have seen on my IG, if you follow me, I found out that YesStyle sells beauty products, Korean and Japanese.

They always have special offer and that’s how I found this cleanser. It was on special sale and got it for around 5€.

I wasn’t really expecting much, but I know from experience that Japanese never disappoints. And I was right!

This is a bubble cleanser : inside the bottle it’s just liquid and once you pump it out, foam comes out from the dispenser. One pump and a half is good to cleanse your face and neck.

Can I just say ” I LOVE THIS!!!”

I was so amazed how my face felt after using it, my face felt so smooth and soft. There is no dryness around my mouth, no tight feeling afterwards. My skin just feels great after using it.

This was definitely a great discovery.

A bottle contains 200 ml and I’ve been using it for almost 2 months. I still have around 1/6 left , so a bottle can last you up to 3 months!


I really do love travel size product as it usually gives you enough time to test a product and see if your skin will react well.

Cute collabs aren’t always a winner, even if the product is quite innovative and affordable.

And special sales will always get me, and make me discover new products!

If you do get a chance and find Softymo product, you should definitely try them out!

I definitely recommend this bubble cleanser as it’s easy to use and the effects are immediate.

If you have another bubble cleanser, do share I would love to hear about it.

See you next time.

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