Review Think Nature hair & body care

Happy Easter everyone!

Sorry for disappearing for so long , it’s just that inspiration wasn’t coming to me for some reason.

But I am back with an overdue review of Think Nature products.


Yes time for some body and hair care today!

Think Nature is a Korean brand that became known thanks to Park Bo-Young and I discovered them thanks to Kang Daniel.

Their brand ambassador are usually celebrity that are well loved with a nice image. Who could resist this cute puppy face.

While I was in Korea they had special gift when purchasing from this brand, such as bromide, stickers, cards and calendars.

You had to get this while Daniel was the brand ambassador.

Let’s stop with the fangirling and start reviewing the products!

Body wash moisture

The body wash are usually the cheapest item from this brand and cost around 6000 Won.


Compared to other brand this is definitely not the cheapest. A bottle contains 300 ml and last around a month.

I honestly did not see much difference using this body with other brand. It does have this “hanbang” feel to it though, smell wise.

This body wash is a white milky and creamy texture and lathers quite quickly.

It is an okay product, but you can honestly pass this it.

Body Lotion mild

All Think Nature product have the same presentation so this body lotion also comes in this pump dispenser and contains 300 ml.


Now my first impression of thid product is how much I hated how it smelled, like burnt plastic.

Luckily after several use, and finishing the bottle, the smell of burnt plastic would gradually fade away and leave my skin moisturized.

It does take a couple of minutes before it’s fully absorbed by my skin, but then my skin didn’t feel dry anymore.

This is an okay lotion , once you get over the smell. This would cost around 9000 Won.

There is actually another version of this ,for normal skin, but I haven’t tried that one.

Hair loss care sweet blossom shampoo

This is by far my most favorite product from Think Nature.

I discovered this shampoo in Fall/ Winter time and this was perfect for my hair.


Your hair is more fragile when it gets colder and you do lose more hair than regularly.

This shampoo is a clear shampoo with a grape like scent, it did not smell like “sweet blossom” to me.

There is a bit of a fresh minty feel but it’s not too strong.

Your hair will feel light after using this, and you’ll immediately see that less hair goes down the drain!!!

Yes I kid you not, I was going to share a pic of this, but thought it might gross people out too much

If I were to give you an image, I would say I used to lose enough hair to make a small wig for a Barbie while showering.

After using this shampoo, the lost hair looked like doodles when I would take the hair out from the drain with a paper towel.

A small bad effect is that I would sometimes have dandruff, but not too much.

My hair felt light and had less hair loss. When I would run my fingers through my hair, the texture felt thicker !

This is the most expensive product from Think Nature at 13 000 Won a bottle. The bottle also contains 300 ml and would usually last for almost 2 months.

Natural care Sweet Blossom conditioner

This conditioner is actually from the “normal” care.

This is a white pasty conditioner and has once again that “hanbang” scent to it.


What I like about this conditioner is that this doesn’t weight your hair down unlike other conditioner. Just like the shampoo, this provides a light feel to your hair.

My hair did not become greasy easily when I would apply this.

One thinkmg that could be improved is the dispenser. Unlike the other product from this brand, the conditioner has a thicker and heavier texture.

When you get to 2/8 of the bottle, you can no longer pump the product out. You have to open it and tap the bottom to get the product out.

If you are looking for a rich conditioner that does not have a heavy feel, this is for you. This usually cost less than the shampoo and is priced around 10 000 Won.


Think Nature definitely has some quality products. I cannot recommend the hairloss shampoo enough. I always have a bottle in stock, it’s just that good!


The other products are good too, but I would only get it if it’s on sale though …

The packaging is quite simple and I do like the flowery design that makes you think of nature lol!

I also like Think Nature’s sign, like Mother nature surrounded by the beauty of nature … Or is she the “sister” of the siren from Starbucks?


Each product is easily recognizable thanks to the different sticker design. They might all be in these brown pump bottles, but the stickers all bring a different feel to each product.

I should say thanks to Daniel for introducing this product, this was definitely money well spent!

See you next time!

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