Review Gibon care- daily sun block

Hey all,

Summertime is near and the sun is finally showing up here.

It’s time to protect our faces and body from harmful rays of the sun.


Today I would like to share my experience with this sunblock I discovered from Jolse!

It’s Giibon care – daily sun block.

Since I’m a hoarder, I usually like to take advantages of special sales online. That’s how I discovered this brand.

Giibon seems to be quite a new brand, I haven’t seen it on any other online stores yet.

As a special launch sales, Jolse was offering 2 sheetmask with all purchases… And that’s why I purchased it 🙂

I have now been using this for around a month now so I’m ready to share my experience.

The packaging

This sunblock comes in a simple white plastic tube.

This contains 50 ml : once you open it you should use the product within 12 months.


The design is very “basic” but still look quite classy.

On the back, you have the explanation of the product in Korean. No English explanation on the tube, but there are more details available on Jolse’s page.

This has a screw top opening, you can safely put it in your bag or pouch.


You simply need to squeeze out the product, the tube is soft but not too soft. You can easily control how much product comes out. I find the packaging quite hygienic.

The sunblock

This sunblock is SPF 50+, you can’t get any higher than that. It’s the usual SPF for an Asian brand I would say.

It has a white pasty texture, but once you start applying it the texture changes to a more watery formula but dries out semi matte.


At first I had applied too much and it gave me a whitecast, plus my hairline became white because of the excess sunblock.

After several usage, I finally found the right amount for my face. A line on the back of my hand is just enough to apply it on my forehead, cheeks, nose,chin and eyelids!

I apply it on the last step of my skincare routine, yes after my moisturizer.


I find this gives a good base for your make up.

This sunblock is easy to spread on your face.

I like that this gives me a brighter complexion, and not a whitecast when proportionally applied.

The finish is semi- matte and makes my complexion look even.

Mind you when I say makeup up, I mean some blush and highlighter. I don’t use bb cream, or cushions.

One of the best things I found about this sunblock is that it doesn’t make my skin oily.

My face is also not sticky after application.

I apply this sunblock before 8h, by the time I finish work around 17h my face does not look like an oil spill. I would blot my face when needed but not too much.


When using this sunblock, I would usually double cleanse at night to make sure I remove all the dirt my skin has accumulated during the day.

This also does not break me out, which is another good point!

I have been using this for a month now and I am a third done, so on a regular basis this should last you at least for 3 months.


I am pretty satisfied with this sunblock.

I like the feel of it, how it is not sticky and can be easily applied.

The semi – matte finish and how this does not make my skin oily is another good point.

Just like how this evens out my complexion and gives me a good base for my blush and highlighter.

This is also pretty affordable and the packaging is simple and hygienic.

If you are looking for a new sunblock for your face that brighten without a whitecast, you should definitely give this a try!

I’m liking this sunblock quite a lot and is making me curious about the other products from this brand.

Do let me know if you have any recommendation for other sunblocks!

See you next time

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