Review Lens Town Floral colored contact lenses in Rose Pink

Hi all,

It’s almost the end of summer. Hope you all had a chance to go on holiday and enjoy the sun somewhere!

Today let me share my experience with Lens Town floral contact lenses in rose pink.


Kosme shop was looking for reviewers for contact lenses and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

This time there was several choices. Since I had a good experience with Lens Town lenses, I wanted to try another pair from this brand

The pair I picked is for a spring look, as the design reminds you of a flower. The shade are pastel colour.

It’s called rose pink, but is more mauve than pink in my opinion.

You can buy lenses with a dioptre or without. I decided to get lenses without dioptre so I could also wear them with my glasses.

The packaging

This comes is a very cute and flowery box.

One box comes with a pair of lenses.


On the back, you can find further details on the lenses such as the production and expiration date and even the size of the lenses.

All of the information is in Korean.


Each contact lense comes in a sealed pack. You can see once again the details of the lens on each aluminium seal, and you can see the coloured lens on the other side.


Each lens is sealed safely, you could put them in your pouch safely without accidentaly pocking it and breaking the seal.

It does take a bit of pulling power to open these, but it does proves they are sealed properly!

The colour

This collection is inspired by spring flowers. The colours of this collection is pastel coloured inspired.

Here is how they look removes from the packaging.


You can see the flower like design.

I was really surprised how natural it looked.

The purple pink isn’t actually took shocking on brown eyes. Maybe it’s not so on different eye colour. You guys can tell me if you’ve tried these if you have green or blue eyes, if you have the same effect.

Indoors this is what it looks like.


It doesn’t really change all that much.

Outdoors you can see the difference, but again I do feel that the colour isn’t too shocking.

You could wear these and people could just notice that your eye colour is slighty lighter.


With makeup, you can enhance the colour and make these into your own style.

These coloured lenses are pretty versatile : you can make a simple change of colour and keep it natural. Or you can apply a more showy makeup and these lenses can give you that extra touch.

Now for wearability, that’s a different story. These are one month contact lenses, after removing then you can store them in your contact lenses box and use them for a month.

They were easy to apply, but as soon as I applied them, my eyes became watery. It was like my eyes were trying to get rid of them.

After this had passed, my eyes felt dry. I felt like something was sitting on top of my eye. Like I wanted to remove something from my eye, like an eye booger but couldn’t. It really was a strange feeling.

I wore the lenses for around 6 hours and from time to time I would remember I had them one and wanted to remove them but couldn’t. I blinked my eyes several time to keep my eyes moist. If I looked down, I didn’t anything, but as soon as I would look up that’s when they would bother me.

I was quite happy to remove them at the end of the day.

A good thing though is that even though they weren’t as comfy theye didn’t make my eyes red.


The colour of these lenses are quite nice. Even though the colour looks unnatural, once applied it gives a subtle change to your look.

The only downside is that they weren’t as comfy and made my eyes dry up.

I do like how these lenses made my eyes look. It really is a pretty look and design.


Thanks again Kosmeshop for this opportunity.

These are unfortunately no longer on sales on Kosmeshop but they still have loads of different style some costing less than 10 USD !

See you next time!

Note : these were sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest review after usage. No compensation was received.

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