Review cleansing water

Hi all,

Today I would like to share my experience with several cleansing water I’ve used these past few months.


These are all mini reviews of different cleansing water I’ve used these past few months. Since it was holiday seasons, thi gave me an excuse to use my deluxe samples/travel size skincare.

All in all I’ve used 5 different cleansing water. I use this at night to cleanse my face and then proceed with my skincare routine.

Cleansing water is a straightforward product. You don’t really need much explanation.

Cleansing water or micellair water is a cleanser where you do not need water to remove dirt and even make up from your face.

The benefit of cleansing water is that the molecules that cleanses are so small that it should remove the smallest dirt without irritating the skin.

You just apply it with a cotton pad and voila!

Let’s start with the reviews.

Thank you farmer Back to iceland cleansing water

This is a deluxe sample I received for free from YesStyle.


This sample size contains 30 ml.

It it scented, like fresh herbal from the mountains.

I didn’t really like using this one as my skin felt sticky afterwards.

I tried giving it a second, even a third try but it still gave me this sticky finish. My sister tried it too and she got the same issue, plus it stung her face.

I’m really glad I did not buy the full size of this when everyone was raving about this brand. This is definitely a no no for me.

Mediheal Zero solution cleansing water

This is a deluxe sample I received from a shopping haul LOHB , from one of my trips to Seoul.


This sample size contains 50 ml.

This cleanser smells a bit like soap dish. It cleanses my face nicely, and doesn’t leave my face dry.

This one is ok, but my skin isn’t too soft afterwards.

Once you apply it, the soap dish like scent didn’t bother me.

Nivea micellair water 3 in 1 for dry and sensitive skin

This is a travel size bottle I got for free from one of Kruidvat’s weekly promotion.


This bottle contains 100ml and usually cost 3 EUR.

Note that my skin isn’t dry or sensitive right now but this still worked on my skin.

It removes dirt nicely and this one really feels like just water when I use it. It doesn’t really have that signature scent from Nivea, which is a good thing imo.

I didn’t really find anything special or bad about this one. I will continue to use it until I finish it.

A’pieu deep clean clear water -bonobono edition

I had bought this in Seoul during a trip, because of the cute Bonobono design.


This bottle contains 165 ml. If I remember correctly this cost between 5000~ 10 000 WON.

This is by far the most heavily scented of all 5 cleansing water. It has this strong citrus scent.

My face felt clean and soft afterwards.

Despite the strong scent I did enjoy using this because of the finish it gave me.

If I do find this in the regular line from A’Pieu, I would definitely buy this again!

Neutrogena hydro boost 3-in-1 micellair water

I had bought this from Medi-Market here in Belgium.


This bottle contains 400 ml, it’s a full size and cost less than 4 EUR. This is by far the most economical of all 5.

This is scented and has that nice scent like other Neutrogena products from the Hydro boost line.

This cleanses your face nicely and also leaves your face soft and plump afterwards.


I love using cleansing water as it’s the best way to cleanse your face without water. It immedialy refreshes your face and you can use it anytime.

I also like that even though not all cleansing water are the same, it never breaks me out or gives me any bad reaction.

If I were to recommend one,

I would definitely go with …


Yes A’pieu ‘s cleansing water. I just really loved how it worked nicely on my skin… and the cute design.

The second best would the Neutrogena one. This one is the most economical one, plus I can buy this one much more easily.


The Nivea and Medicalheal ones are also good too. But nothing too special.

And the worst for me for me was …


With all the hype I saw around this brand, I was really disappointed how the cleansing water failed on my skin.

Maybe this works better on other skin type.

If you guys have tried cleansing water, or have any recommendations do let me know.

See you next time!

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